Physiotherapy during pregnancy

There is no doubt that pregnancy is an unusual period in the life of every woman. Unfortunately, ladies who are preparing for motherhood or are already pregnant, rarely decide on physical activity. However, especially pelvic floor muscle exercises are crucial for delivery ...

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Laser hair removal – everything worth knowing about it

Laser hair removal is a professional procedure that allows you to remove hair effectively and permanently. There are two basic types of laser that are used in this type of hair removal. The first is an IPL laser, which was not created to remove hair, but has such properties. The second is a diode laser that removes hair and its roots, at the same time ...

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Is laser hair removal safe?

Hair removal is one of the most common cosmetic activities used by women. You can remove unwanted hair in many ways: with a razor, wax, creams, a special shaver and a laser. Below, we will take a closer look at the method of laser hair removal and answer the questions whether the treatment is completely safe for skin and health and whether it pays off.

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How to care for your complexion in winter – 5 proven treatments

Winter skin care requires special attention. We should take care of it completely differently than in summer or spring. It should be emphasized that when the temperature differences are large, the skin is exposed to frost, wind, as well as the highly drying effect of air conditioning and heating. On cool days, the skin may start to rebel.

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Effective acne treatment – proven methods

Acne is a serious and troublesome disease which cannot be underestimated. If there are constant relapses on our face and the skin looks like a battlefield, then it will be necessary to visit a good dermatologist, or a professional aesthetic medicine clinic. What is it and why it arises and how to fight it with some tried and tested methods? This will be presented below.

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Filling wrinkles with botox

Is Botox wrinkle removal safe? What does the procedure look like and how to prepare for it? What are the effects of the treatment? We've prepared a short guide for you to learn more about.

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How to remove wrinkles around the lips

Over the years, each of us will notice some wrinkles on the skin. Initially only few and barely visible ones, but with time it becomes more numerous and clearer. So how do you deal with the first signs of passing youth and keep the firm skin around your lips as long as possible?

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Laser facial treatments

Facial skin is exposed to various changes and imperfections including discolouration, loss of firmness, excessive hair growth, scars and acne lesions. Fortunately, modern achievements of aesthetic medicine allow you to regain the beauty of your face skin. Check which ones can help you with your problems.

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