ACCENT PRIME – Revolutionary device for body and face modelling

Accent Prime – a combination of transverse and longitudinal ultrasonic waves (US) with unipolar radio waves (US).

Many possibilities – one revolutionary technology

  • Effective and safe
  • Painless
  • All skin types
  • Fast
  • Immediate recovery

Accent Prime is the most advanced Alma Laser treatment platform, designed for skin firming and body shaping treatments.

The effectiveness of Accent Prime is the result of a combination of revolutionary technologies i.e. ultrasonic wave (US) combining longitudinal and transverse waves with unipolar radio waves with the highest available market frequency of 40.68 Mhz.

Body and face shaping

Thanks to Accent Prime you will permanently get rid of persistent fat tissue without any pain from the entire body and face. It gives exceptional results in shaping the buttocks, hip and stomach lines, and effectively eliminates the problem of the “second chin”.

Cellulite reduction

Cellulite is a problem that troubles many women and the cosmetics, treatments, recommended diets offered on the market, in most cases do not give the expected results. Accent Prime offers a clinically proven solution that effectively reduces cellulite.

Firming and rejuvenating the skin

With age, the consistency and vitality of the skin gives way to the first signs of aging, namely wrinkles and sagging skin. Accent Prime uses high frequency radio wave energy to firm and improve skin density, making it look younger and healthier, as well as improving the overall skin tone.


face lifting
improvement of the face oval
elimination of the second chin

You noticed that the facial skin lost its elasticity and the beautiful oval disappeared. Or maybe you are worried by the “second chin”? You do not have to accept this condition. Accent Prime acts on the collagen fiber mesh, mobilizing them to act. In addition, it has the power to reduce body fat from selected areas. Take advantage of the treatment and enjoy a beautiful profile without a “second chin” and a slender face oval.


shoulder modelling
back smoothing

There are areas on your body that you don’t know how to deal with. Shoulders lose their firm appearance with age or after losing weight. Back with fat rollers visible. Accent Prime can handle these problems. Thanks to ultrasounds and radio waves, it destroys excess fat tissue and instantly firms the body. From now on, without complexes, you will reveal your arms and show your perfectly smooth back.


fat reduction
slimming the waist
elimination of flaccid skin on the stomach after delivery

A sedentary lifestyle, drastic diets, pregnancy are enough to have problems with the “tire” on the stomach. The skin becomes flaccid, and then even intensive training is not able to restore its former elasticity. However, there is something that works quickly and effectively. Accent Prime technology only takes 20 minutes to get rid of excess fat from the belly and firm the skin. Your slim waist and flat stomach are within reach.


cellulite elimination
slimming thighs
knee rejuvenation
buttocks modelling

Smooth, slim legs, shaped buttocks – it’s possible and simpler than you think. Accent Prime effectively deals with fat tissue, flaccid skin on the inside of the thighs and above the knees. The combination of ultrasound with radio waves also works quickly and effectively in these difficult areas. By stimulating collagen fibers you will get the effect of slimming and lifting the skin on the buttocks and above the knees.

Effects before and after:

Stomach before:

Stomach after:

Leg before:

Leg after:

Face before:

Face after:

Face before:

Face after:

A video from Accent Prime treatment at Medicor

Opinions of our clients on Accent Prime

  • Natalia Janikowska

    The treatment performed perfectly, I didn't expect sich results. I truly recommend it!

  • Joana K.

    I had terrible cellulite; I had considered Accent Ptime treatments because it's a new thing in Krakow and they have the equipment only at Medicor. I made an appointment, the consultation was just great and was followed by a series of treatments and now those spectacular effects! I do recommend it, it really works! :-)

  • Aniak

    I do recommend the Accent Prime treatment at Medicor; you can see that Ms Ania has experience working on this equipment. I'm satisfied with the results. I truly recommend it.

  • Katarzyna

    I had terrible cellulite after pregnancy, no creams and lotions helped. I went to get some advice at Medicor where a specialist advised me a revolutionary treatment by means of the device called Accent Prime. I went there blindly and have no regrets whatsoever. After the second pregnancy I will go there again for sure.

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