Laser hair removal Krakow – Lightsheer XC I Medicor diode laser

The treatment in brief:

  • PRICE FROM 100-500 PLN

Indications for the treatment:




Are you looking for a tried and tested method of hair removal once and for all? In our clinic we perform laser hair removal using LightSheer XC diode laser. It is a modern device that has been approved for use in aesthetic medicine and dermatology. Laser hair removal allows you to remove unwanted hair and treat conditions such as hirsutism. People struggling with abnormal hair without hormonal disorders should visit our clinic to find out what effective laser hair removal is.

Laser hair removal allows you to remove hair from virtually any part of the body. Our clinic is based in Krakow, which is why we invite you for a consultation to learn about any contraindications for performing laser hair removal. The Light Sheer diode laser can be used in areas such as the calves, thighs, bikini line, lips, nape of the neck, neck, cheeks, fingers, chest, shoulders, armpits, forearms and hands.

Laser hair removal – price

How much does laser hair removal cost? The price of laser hair removal varies depending on the area to be treated. To get rid of unnecessary hair we have to reckon with the cost of 100 to 500 pln for one treatment. The cost of laser hair removal is small if we consider the fact that we get rid of hair once and for all! Every now and then you should perform booster treatments, but the price of laser hair removal will be lower if you compare it with the cost of waxing or buying disposable razors.


Upper lip 100-140 pln
Chin 160-220 pln
Neck 200-250 pln
Sideburns 150 pln
Cheeks 150-200 pln
Nape of the neck 150-250 pln
Back – upper part 300 pln
Back – lowet part 300 pln
Armpits 220 pln
Warts 160 pln
Tors 300-500 pln
Arms 250 pln
Hands 120 pln
Stomach 150-350 pln
Buttocks 200-300 pln
Bikini 250-400 pln
Thighs – whole 400 pln
Thighs – one part 250 pln
Calves 300 pln
Bikini + armpits package 670 pln

* The exact price is determined by the doctor/cosmetologist is dependent on the size of the treated area
* The prices are valid from 8.01.2019

Is laser hair removal effective?

It’s important to know what laser hair removal is, then it will be much easier for us to understand why it is so effective. The essence of the action of laser hair removal on the hair follicle is the phenomenon of selective photothermolysis. In practice, this means that the LightSheer diode laser light is absorbed selectively by hair follicle structures that contain melanin. It is converted into heat that destroys the hair elements responsible for its growth. They cause permanent hair loss, and at the same time destroy the follicle. As clinical studies show, it is this phenomenon that is most effective for hair that is in the active growth phase (anagen).

Why the LightSheer XC laser?

The LightSheer XC laser guarantees high power and at the same time short and very long pulses. This modern device allows you to effectively and safely carry out treatments on all skin types! Importantly, it also has the widest range in terms of hair color, depth and area of action. The Light Sheer XC diode laser has a safety and quality certificate that is recognized worldwide! The Medicor Kraków Clinic focuses on the highest quality and safety, which is why we use a diode laser, which is currently the best device for laser removal of unwanted hair. This laser surpasses other methods in terms of both effectiveness and hygiene. From now on, you don’t have to pull your hair, shave it, opt for painful laser hair removal, chemical epilators, IPLs and other inefficient hair removal methods that only provide a temporary effect.

LightSheer XC diode laser and effects of its use

Hair removal with the LightSheer XC diode laser has a lot of advantages. The most important are:

  • the possibility of performing hair removal in people with different skin types and different skin colours
  • ChillTip cooling system that allows cooling for patient safety and comfort
  • large tip which enables the destruction of more hair in one shot

Our MEDICOR Clinic of Aesthetic Dermatology and Laser Therapy in Krakow is the perfect place in order to get rid of unnecessary hair once and for all!

Laser hair removal – how often? What is the frequency of laser hair removal?

Many people who want to undergo laser hair removal wonder how often you need to repeat the treatments. What how many weeks laser hair removal? Depending on the type of skin or hair color, the desired effect of laser hair removal is obtained after 5-9 treatments that we perform periodically. The first laser hair removal treatment allows you to permanently get rid of 30-40% of dark hair that is in the growth phase. In the case of light hair, they are thinned.

The frequency of laser hair removal will vary depending on the area depilated. For example:

  • laser removal of little moustache, bikini and armpits hair removal – every 4-6 weeks
  • laser hair removal on calves, thighs – every 8-12 weeks

Watch a video from laser hair removal in our clinic:

Laser hair removal with LightSheer – contraindications

MEDICOR Clinic of Aesthetic Dermatology and Laser Therapy provides effective and safe laser treatments. It is important, however, that laser hair removal, despite its high efficiency, is not a method for everyone. First of all, pregnant and nursing women should give up laser hair removal. Of course, they can later opt for laser hair removal, but only after feeding. Laser hair removal is not recommended for people using photosensitizing drugs or herbs, antibiotics, or psychotropic drugs.

Contraindication to laser hair removal is also freshly tanned skin. Laser hair removal can be carried out when the sun’s radiation is the lowest. Before the hair removal procedure, you should also not use bronzing preparations (self-tanner), and also 4 weeks before the procedure, we do not remove hair with tweezers, wax, or an electric epilator. The day before the planned surgery, you cannot use Etiaxil!

Skin diseases vs laser hair removal

People who suffer from various skin diseases, e.g. albinism, psoriasis, having herpes or other viral lesions at the depilation site should opt out of the procedure. A contraindication is also cancer and a pacemaker. If you are not sure if the depilation procedure is for you, consult a doctor or cosmetologist.

Preparation for laser hair removal

The first step is always an interview with a specialist in a clinic. Krakow is the place where you will find Medicor clinic. It is here that you can count on effective and safe laser hair removal. The cosmetologist conducts an interview, based on which he will determine whether laser hair removal is possible in a particular case. The specialist will additionally assess skin condition and hair type. On this basis, he will later choose LightSheer laser beam parameters.

If there are no contraindications, it is possible to undergo laser hair removal. However, before you sign up for a specific date, you must consider the most important principles of proper preparation. Primarily:

  • about a month before the treatment we do not sunbathe
  • at least 4 weeks before the procedure we do not use self-tanning agents
  • at least a month before the treatment we do not pull out body hair and do not remove facial hair
  • about 4 weeks before surgery, we discontinue photosensitizing drugs and herbs
  • we give up herbal teas containing St. John’s wort or calendula about 3-4 weeks before the procedure,
  • we care for the skin so that it is not irritated and dry
  • a week before the surgery we give up cosmetics with retinol, fruit acids, depilatory creams
  • we do not make chemical peels 2 weeks before the procedure
  • the day before laser hair removal, we shave the hair to be removed
  • we come for the treatment with clean skin without makeup, cream or deodorant

Shaving hair before laser hair removal

It is very important to shave your hair at the depilation site before laser hair removal. We take care of proper hydration of the skin as well as removal of keratinised epidermis. On the day of the procedure, the skin should not be covered with balm, cream or antiperspirant. It’s best to refresh it with generally available means for intimate hygiene.

Laser hair removal – what after the procedure?

After performing laser hair removal, you should refrain from certain practices. First of all, you should not take hot baths or showers for the first four days. We avoid swimming pools and saunas up to a week after the treatment. Do not use Etiaxil deodorants or antiperspirants, which can cause irritation. We put them away for at least 3 days. For daily skin care, we use cosmetics that do not contain alcohol. Wash the skin in lukewarm water.

During daily care, we take care not to damage the area that has been treated. We do not use a rough towel. Scratching is also prohibited as scars may appear. We protect places after laser hair removal from strong sunlight. We give up tanning for about a month after the procedure.

Can you shave between laser hair removal treatments?

During a series of laser hair removal treatments, it is only possible to use a disposable razor. We can also trim the hair with a trimmer. At least a month before the laser hair removal procedure with the LightSheer laser, we give up the epilator, tweezers and wax. When pulling out the hair, we remove the onion, and this negatively affects the entire laser hair removal procedure! Importantly, it is recommended that you rarely shave hair during a series of laser hair removal treatments. Frequent hair removal can strengthen the hair, which negatively affects the final result. Traditional methods of getting rid of unwanted hair weaken the result of laser hair removal. We can use disposable razors, but as rarely as possible.

Interval between laser hair removal treatments

Laser hair removal treatments are repeated at intervals of about 4-9 weeks. The cosmetologist will talk about the details during the consultation. The LightSheer diode laser works on hair in the active growth phase. During other phases of hair growth, the hair is not sensitive to laser. Keeping the time intervals is a must. However, the intervals between treatments should not be extended, as this will delay the final effect.

Is laser hair removal painful?

As you know, every health or care treatment is associated with various types of discomfort. This is why many people are afraid that laser hair removal hurts. The discomfort will vary depending on how sensitive the patient is to pain. The place of surgery also has an effect. Some body parts, such as bikini area, are more sensitive. However, experiencing pain during laser hair removal is an individual matter. So it will depend on several factors. Melanin content in hair and epidermis has a significant impact on whether laser hair removal hurts. Diode laser light works mainly on the dye, so it will be different for people with light hair and different for people with dark hair. The design of the hair is also of great importance – the thicker it is, the more pain it can have.

The discomfort during the treatment is additionally affected by tan, which is why it is very important to opt out of sunbathing. It is important that the Medicor Kraków clinic uses a modern LightSheer diode laser with special cooling technology. The skin is properly cooled before the laser beam is emitted, so discomfort is reduced to a minimum.

Laser hair removal vs pain

It is worth bearing in mind that the aim of laser hair removal is to achieve spectacular, long-term effects. It is those results that we focus on in our Medicor clinic in Krakow.

Laser hair removal can be associated with discomfort, but it is worth remembering that it provides a long-lasting effect. There is no definitive answer as to whether laser hair removal hurts. Much will depend on the type of hair.

Laser hair removal as the most effective method of hair removal

Laser hair removal is a procedure that is constantly gaining popularity. It is hardly surprising, because Light Sheer laser hair removal allows you to get rid of unwanted hair permanently. It is an ideal alternative to a disposable razor, waxing, epilator and more. However, it should be remembered that for the effects to be satisfactory, it is necessary to perform a series of treatments. Our clinic is located in Krakow, so it’s worth visiting us to learn more about laser hair removal and the modern LightSheer XC laser. The innovative device allows faster and more effective hair removal. How many laser hair removal treatments do you need to perform? This is an individual matter that will certainly be discussed at the beginning.

Laser hair removal and its short-term and long-term effects

Laser hair removal is a procedure that enjoys great popularity. Interesting effects are mainly laser hair removal. If we want hair to disappear for a long time, we need to do several treatments. After one laser hair removal treatment the effects will not be immediately visible. A lot depends on the thickness and color of the hair. It is assumed that owners of dark and thicker hair will notice the effects of laser hair removal faster.

With each subsequent procedure we will notice weakness and thinning of hair. Currently, hair removal uses innovative devices such as the LightSheer XC diode laser. Thanks to this, people with light hair color can also opt for laser hair removal. The first stage is a consultation in Medicor clinic in Krakow. Depending on the expected effects, you need to perform 4-9 treatments. However, this is a very individual matter.

The effects of one laser hair removal treatment

Many people who opt for laser hair removal expect immediate results. Meanwhile, after the first laser hair removal treatment, we will see only small changes. Still, your hair will be less. After the first treatment it is reduced by approx. 30%. Only after a few treatments can it be said about complete hair removal. The number of treatments is adjusted to each patient. The interval between the subsequent treatments is also determined individually depending on the hair, the place that is being treated.

The effects of a series of laser hair removal treatments

When can you see the final effect of laser hair removal? It depends on the particular case. It cannot be clearly determined whether after each patient after a series of laser hair removal treatments the hair will disappear completely and forever. The effectiveness of the procedure is about 95%. However, it is important to perform the procedure in reputable clinics! You also need to do rejuvenating treatments about once a year.

Importantly, after regular laser hair removal treatments, we can enjoy silky smooth skin for a long time. Just check the opinions of people who have undergone a hair removal procedure. Patients agree that hair has disappeared for several years. The type of hair and the device itself affect the effectiveness. The LightSheer XC diode laser is modern equipment that allows you to achieve your dream results. This is one of the most modern devices on the market! We would like to invite you to our Medicor clinic in Krakow in order to learn more about the incredibly effective laser hair removal!

Depilacja Laserowa w Medicor za pomocą lasera Light Sheer XC - zobacz film

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  • Oliwa Podolny

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    Byłam tutaj na drugim już zabiegu depilacji laserem LightSheer XC i rzecz jasna będę kontynuować ten proces, efekty już są bardzo widoczne, ale najlepsze mają być po 6 - 8 zabiegach, w co głęboko wieżę :)


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