Katarzyna Maliszewska

Katarzyna Maliszewska - fizjoterapeuta

Katarzyna Maliszewska – physiotherapist

Master’s degree in physiotherapy and manual therapist. A graduate of the Medical University of Lublin. Already during the MA studies she cooperated with the Association dealing in the therapy of children with extensive neurological dysfunctions and related developmental disorders. After completing her studies and a training cycle in Manual Therapy, she began her professional practice not only in Poland, but also in Germany. Cooperation with foreign centres enabled her to conduct multidirectional therapies and gain new knowledge and skills in the field of the latest treatment methods. Thanks to nostrification of the diploma, she continuously cooperates with the specialist Surgery of Physiotherapy and Osteopathy.


At work, she follows a holistic approach to the patient’s health, thanks to which she tries to match the most effective and appropriate therapy by approaching each patient individually. Her goal is to get rid of the source of pain and improve the overall condition and well-being, which she approaches with due diligence.

 Completed courses

  • 2016-2017 – Maitland Concept Manual Therapy – Level 2b
  • 2016 – DGSA- Top 30 DN- Dry Needling
  • 2016 – 1st National Conference – Physiotherapy in sport
  • 2016 – HVLA Basic Course on Osteopathic Short Leverage Techniques
  • 2015 – Nostrification of the Physiotherapist Diploma in Germany – recognition of professional qualifications
  • 2015 – Maitland Concept Manual Therapy – Level 2a
  • 2015 – Manual Therapy Brian Mulligan`s Concept – Level A
  • 2015 – Manual Therapy Brian Mulligan`s Concept- Level B
  • 2014 – Skull-Cross Therapy II degree (Psychosomatic Release and Regression)
  • 2014 – Skull-Cross Therapy – basic course (Cranial Osteopathy)
  • 2014 – PNF Concept Developing Course (Certified PNF Therapist – Exam) Proprioceptive neuromuscular Facilitation (M. Knott Concept)
  • 2013- 2014 – Maitland Concept manual therapy – level 1
  • 2012 – Basic course of the PNF concept Proprioceptive neuromuscular Facilitation (M. Knott Concept)
  • 2012 – 2nd International Scientific and Training Conference on Determinants of the effectiveness of improving a child with damage to the central nervous system
  • 2011 – Kinesiology Taping – basic level

Certificates and awards


Contact details

MEDICOR Clinic of Aesthetic Dermatology and Laser Therapy
6/5 Rakowicka Street, 31-511 Krakow

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