Filling wrinkles with botox

Filling wrinkles with botox is an aesthetic medicine procedure performed in order to eliminate signs of skin ageing as well as to improve beauty deficiencies, which are the reason for complexes. More and more of our countrymen are choosing to inject face with botulinum toxin. As it turns out, Poles are more and more willing to visit an aesthetic medicine salon to remove signs of ageing on the face and neck, raise the corners of the mouth and even to improve the condition of the hair. Is botox wrinkle removal safe? What does the procedure look like and how to prepare for it? What are the effects of the treatment? We’ve prepared a short guide for you to learn more about.

Botox injection is a minimally invasive procedure if, of course, it is carried out by a qualified and experienced aesthetic medicine doctor. Its implementation allows you to reduce the signs of skin ageing, restore its former beautiful appearance so that the patient has the impression of rejuvenation by at least 10 years.

As it turns out, women choose to inject more often, which does not mean that the service is not popular among men. Nowadays, gentlemen are much more likely to take care of their appearance, deciding to improve and reduce deficiencies through specialised treatments.

The decision to inject botox in places where there are visible signs of skin ageing, however, raises some doubts that should definitely be dispelled.

What is botox?

The exact composition of botox or botulinum toxin often raises a lot of surprise. As it turns out, Poles do not quite know what the injected preparation is and how it is made. A lot of surprise is caused by the fact that magical botox is nothing but botulinum toxin. Swallowed sausage venom is a strong poison, while injecting a small amount of the preparation into the muscles does not cause any unpredictable and harmful side effects to the patient’s life.

Initially, the preparation was used in ophthalmology and neurology. Botox injection was used in cases of excessive muscle tension in children or strokes. As an element of aesthetic medicine, as an element filling wrinkles, it occurred when during squint treatment, a “side effect” was noted in the form of removing crow’s feet and smoothing the face.

Interesting fact: The first aesthetic medicine treatments in the world using botulinum toxin were performed in the 1980s. In Poland, however, only in 1996.

Is the procedure safe?

Considering the entire process of performing the procedure and the composition of the substance injected into the muscles, Poles are still hesitant to perform the procedure and whether it is completely safe for health. Normal human reason tells us to carefully check before making a decision how botox facial injections will affect not only the appearance but also the well-being, health and how we will look when the effects of the treatment will slowly disappear.

Botox is most often used for the following skin lesions:

-crow’s feet
-smoker’s wrinkles
-drooping of the corners of the mouth
-wrinkles around the mouth

We must clearly define the importance of botox in medicine – botulinum toxin is a drug, therefore the injection procedure with this agent should be carried out by a qualified and experienced specialist. Adhering to the general principles, we are sure that the procedure will take place in hygienic and safe conditions and will not threaten health and life in any way. Ignorance and lack of appropriate skills cannot only disfigure the patient’s face but also pose a threat to their health.

The basic example of the effect of a poorly performed treatment is drooping eyelid and facial asymmetry. Precision and appropriate knowledge are important, the preparation must be injected exactly at the indicated places, then it is possible to fill exactly those wrinkles that we want to get rid of.

You should definitely bear in mind that the botulinum toxin injection procedure is not a one-time prescription for the complete removal of signs of skin ageing from selected places. Indeed, after the procedure, our face will rejuvenate by several or even several years, but as time passes, the effects will weaken and the deficiencies caused by skin ageing will reappear on your face. According to specialists, it is not true that the procedure should be repeated every 4-6 months. In this case, focus on minor shortcomings, observe the condition of the skin and muscles and, above all, how the preparation behaves after the time has elapsed so as not to start refilling too soon.

The effect usually lasts about 6 months, after which it is necessary to repeat the procedure.


Before performing the procedure, carefully check the salon in which it is to be performed. Unfortunately, it turns out that patients using this type of service are not fully aware that botulinum toxin injection is carried out in a given salon not in accordance with the law. Experienced specialists warn against the choice of offices where the procedure is performed by a person who has only received a short training.

Under current law, non-aesthetic medicine practitioners cannot do this! In this regard, make sure about the preferences, knowledge and experience of the person performing the procedure.

The treatment is not for everyone

The first basic step is to assess the skin condition and the patient’s qualification for the procedure. A responsible, qualified doctor will thoroughly examine your problem first, determine whether he can undertake the service and only then proceed to its implementation.

You must be aware that it is not possible for everyone to perform the procedure. An example is the desire to remove wrinkles on the forehead, caused by the habit of raising eyebrows and around the mouth, eyes, etc. Of course, it can be done and botulinum toxin is able to help us a lot, but not in people with skin flaccidity, suppression of the supraorbital fat pad and a falling eyebrow complex. Despite the fact that the forehead would actually become smooth and wrinkles would be invisible, eyelids would fall even more than before, reflexive eyebrow raising would be impossible and as a result there would be a clear reduction in the field of vision.

An interesting fact may be the recommended age for the procedure. It is not true that botox injections are best done “in retirement”. It is best to do this after 45 years of age, when the skin is firm, botox intensifies the deficit of elasticity at this age. The procedure performed at a late age is quite risky, it requires a lot of experience of aesthetic medicine doctor.

In addition, botulinum toxin reduces the secretion of sebum, which means that it is often used to treat hyperhidrosis. For people struggling with oily skin or excessive sweating, this is an advantage, but for those with dry skin, unfortunately, a disadvantage. Injection of botox in the wrong proportions may result in excessive drying of the skin, and thus the appearance of skin lesions. Therefore, a different amount of botulin is given to those with thick and oily skin and another one to patients with thin and dry skin.

What does the procedure look like?

The whole procedure lasts several minutes, the exact time depends on the number of places where we inject the preparation. At the very beginning, the specialist doctor cools down the skin and, if the patient wishes, he anaesthetizes the skin with a special cream, at the same time, the right amount of botox is also prepared. If we decide to inject the preparation into the forehead, it will be necessary to make 8 punctures, in the case of so-called crow’s feet – 3 on each side, while in the eyelids, one or two punctures from each side will suffice. Botox is introduced gently and accurately, the specialist successively introduces it to individual places where we want to reduce wrinkles, taking care of sterile, hygienic and absolutely safe conditions.

After the procedure, the skin is cooled again, the doctor also lubricates it with vitamin K ointment, which protects against the appearance of bruising caused by interference with the skin and muscles.

Good to know: After the procedure, for a minimum of 3 hours, you cannot touch the skin of the face, massage the places where the preparation was injected, bend down and lie down.

How to prepare for the procedure – special recommendations

The procedure is not painful, you need to prepare for a few pricks in places designated by a specialist. The whole process is not too invasive and the procedure does not require hospitalization and no specific actions of this type. However, there are some recommendations that should be followed 10 days before the treatment and about which an experienced doctor will certainly inform you:

-beware of using dietary supplements
-don’t drink herbs
-do not use any anti-inflammatory drugs
-do not drink alcohol

Contraindications for the procedure:

-lack of body tolerance to botulinum toxin type A
-antibiotic treatment
-taking incomycin, tetracycline
-blood coagulation disorders
-taking blood thinners
-autoimmune diseases
-cardiovascular diseases
-neuromuscular disease
-taking antispasmodics
-Lambert-Eaton syndrome
-skin cancer
-ALS diseases

-skin damage
-active skin infection, herpes

Side effects after the treatment

Performing the procedure in a professional clinic of aesthetic medicine, where the care of your health is provided by experienced and competent specialists, you definitely have nothing to worry about – no unforeseen and burdensome side effects of botox injection will take place. In irritated places, only minor redness and bruising may appear, which is easy to hide under makeup.

Complications resulting from improperly performed treatment:

-eyelid drooping
-excessive drying and damage to the skin

The effects of the treatment:

Where to perform the procedure?

As mentioned earlier, for the botox injection to be completely safe for our skin and health, the procedure should be performed in a professional salon of aesthetic medicine. An experienced specialist doctor will take care of every, even the smallest detail of the procedure, choosing the right amount of the preparation and injecting it exactly where it is recommended.

Incorrect application may not only fail to produce appropriate effects, but also endanger the health and life of the patient.

Appropriate effects can only be achieved by a professionally performed procedure and a medical consultation prior to botox injection. So in order to feel completely confident, safe and comfortable, you should choose a reputable clinic of aesthetic medicine. Botox application allows for effective fight against facial wrinkles.

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