Laser hair removal – everything worth knowing about it

Laser hair removal is a professional procedure that allows you to remove hair effectively and permanently. There are two basic types of laser that are used in this type of hair removal. The first is an IPL laser, which was not created to remove hair, but has such properties. The second is a diode laser that removes hair and its roots, at the same time ...

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Is laser hair removal safe?

Hair removal is one of the most common cosmetic activities used by women. You can remove unwanted hair in many ways: with a razor, wax, creams, a special shaver and a laser. Below, we will take a closer look at the method of laser hair removal and answer the questions whether the treatment is completely safe for skin and health and whether it pays off.

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Laser facial treatments

Facial skin is exposed to various changes and imperfections including discolouration, loss of firmness, excessive hair growth, scars and acne lesions. Fortunately, modern achievements of aesthetic medicine allow you to regain the beauty of your face skin. Check which ones can help you with your problems.

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Facial treatments for a 50-year-old

At a certain age, the skin of a woman's face begins to lose its beautiful, youthful appearance, there are more and more pronounced signs of ageing. However, there are problems that often home methods do not work. The latest achievements of aesthetic medicine offer us numerous treatments that allow you to restore the perfect appearance of the skin. So here are the most popular facial treatments for 5-year-olds that our cosmetologists recommend.

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Bags and dark circles under the eyes – check how you can get rid of them effectively

Bags or dark circles under the eyes are a problem that affects everyone. Sometimes they are the result of stress, fatigue and lack of sleep, sometimes one of the first signs of skin ageing, but it also happens that their occurrence is genetically determined. How do you remove them?

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Closing blood vessels – everything you need to know about it

Enlarged blood vessels are a serious aesthetic problem. Ugly purple threads cover our thighs, calves and face, which makes us ashamed to go out to the pool or beach, put on shorts or a little black dress. What possibilities do we have to get rid of this defect?

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Depitaltion and epilation – what is the difference between these two treatments

Two concepts, meaning body hair removal treatments, are usually used interchangeably, and yet each of them defines a different group of methods to fight unwanted hair. Depilation and epilation - what are they and how do they differ? And what ways does each of these categories cover?

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