Scar removal

The scar is the result of a mechanical injury or surgery. Scars can also be a residue of acne. Available methods allow you to significantly reduce the size, shape and contrast to the surrounding skin, as well as leveling unevenness and scar cavities.

The technology of laser scar removal with a CO2 fractional laser is a non-invasive solution using a fractional laser, thanks to which it is possible to quickly and effectively remove scars with less risk, less pain and a minimum period of return to full functionality.

Treatments for removing acne and post-surgical scars with a CO2 laser are based on fractional laser technology. Laser pulses coagulate scar tissue and stimulate the creation of new, healthy tissue. The healing period of the skin is short, the risk of infection is eliminated, and the pain is low or absent.

Laser scar removal technology can be used on all skin types, which, together with excellent results, makes it the preferred scar removal method.

Some of the treatments which will solve your problem:


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