Dermatological consultations Kraków

In our clinic of dermatology work well-qualified dermatologists such as Dr Justyna Kostyra and Dr Ana Alekseenko. The specialists provide advice in the field of aesthetic medicine, professional cosmetics and dermatology. They also make diagnoses and help in skin diseases, allergic reactions of the body, in the treatment of hyperhidrosis, alopecia, acne, skin moles. The dermatologist additionally performs treatments regarding the removal of vascular lesions as well as  excessive hair.

Dermatology Kraków – range of services

Apart from dermatological consultations, i.e. specialist advice in the field of dermatology, our offer includes also aesthetic medicine procedures, diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases, assessment of moles in dermatoscopic examinations, laser treatments.

How much does a dermatological consultation cost in Kraków?

Prices for dermatological consultations may vary depending on the place. The cost of dermatological consultation in our specialist clinic is PLN 160. Consultations take place with an experienced dermatologist who has appropriate theoretical and practical knowledge, is able to diagnose a skin disease problem and implement appropriate treatment. At our Medicor clinic, every patient can feel at ease. We approach each problem individually, proposing the most appropriate solutions.

What does a dermatological consultation consist in?

A dermatological consultation in Krakow takes place with a specialist, i.e. a dermatologist. It involves examining the skin, assessing the condition and controlling the lesions that appear on it. Dermatological consultations are the first stage of diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases. An in-depth medical history is collected during a visit to the dermatologist. It refers to both the problem with which the patient reports to the dermatological clinic and the general state of health of the patient. The dermatologist then proceeds to the dermatological examination, i.e. very close examination of the skin. After making the diagnosis, the dermatologist gives appropriate recommendations or introduces pharmacological therapy. It is important that when treating specific diseases, the patient should remain under the constant supervision of the attending dermatologist throughout the therapy.

Dermatoscopic examination of skin lesions – what is this?

In our clinic specialists also deal with dermatoscopic examination of skin lesions. If the patient reports to a dermatologist with birthmarks, diagnostics is carried out using a dermatoscope. It is he who gives the doctor the opportunity to assess the harmfulness of a given change. If the need arises or if the patient decides to remove the lesion, he will receive a referral for surgical excision or specialised surgery. Sometimes histopathological examination is recommended for complete dermatological diagnosis. It should be remembered that a dermatological consultation is only an introduction to further treatment. It is necessary, but it may not be sufficient!

When is a dermatological consultation advisable?

We recommend a dermatological consultation when dealing with moles, acne, seborrheic dermatitis, skin allergies, atopic dermatitis (AD), psoriasis, albinism, alopecia, dandruff, melanoderma (chloasma), photodermatosis (sun allergy), erythema herpes, mycosis, warts. You can also visit a dermatologist for any skin lesion that is worrying you. It is always worth focusing on proper observation instead of waiting for the problem to resolve itself. Our specialists in the field of dermatology in Krakow will certainly find an effective solution!

Why is it worth consulting a dermatologist?

Unfortunately, many people underestimate skin diseases quite wrongly! Some, even seemingly harmless looking skin lesions, can be an expression of a serious illness that affects internal organs. Symptoms on the skin cannot be interpreted in isolation from the overall health of the patient. The first step should be to go to a dermatological consultation. For example, itchy skin may signify kidney disease, while a small child’s rash in elbow bends might indicate atopic dermatitis. The dermatologist will help you assess the skin lesions and then recommend further action.

Of course, not every change on the skin is associated with a serious illness. Often, rashes are a symptom of food allergy or a result of irritation to cosmetics ingredients. Without proper diagnostics, it is impossible to clearly determine whether a given change is dangerous or not. A dermatologist, after a dermatological consultation, may advise additional tests or refer the patient to another specialist clinic, although the disease may have appeared to affect the skin at first. In our clinic in Krakow, everyone can feel in good hands, so do not postpone the visit and the dermatological consultation for later. A quick response is often a huge part of the success as well as the success of the whole dermatological treatment.


Opinie o dermatologach

  • Grzegorz

    I recommend Ms Ana Alekseenko, I have been suffering from psoriasis for 15 years and have consulted 6 dermatologists, tested all possible medicaments. However, Ms Ana went a step further and recommended a treatment with a medicine after which everything disappeared. :-) I am satisfied and recommend it to everyone. Ms Ana really wants to cure!

  • Ania

    An accurate diagnosis made by Ms Kozicka cured the redness on my face!

Our dermatologists

  • Dr Ana Alekseenko – Phd in medical sciences, dermatologist

    Graduate of medical studies at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków. In the academic year of 2005/2008 Ms Ana started her Phd studies at the Department and Dermatology Clinic of The University Hospital in Krakow.

  • Dr Justyna Kostyra-Grabowska- dermatologist

    In Medicor since 2012. The graduate of the Faculty of Medicine of Collegium Medicum at the Jagiellonian University. She has been working at the Dermatology Department of the Specialist Hospital S. Żeromski in Krakow since 2005. In 2011 she obtained the title of specialist in the field of dermatology and venereology, where she currently serves as a senior assistant.

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  • Karolina Kozicka – dermatologist

    In 2008 doctor Kozicka graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Collegium Medicum at the Jagiellonian University. She specialised in dermatology and venereology at the Clinical Department of Dermatology at the University Hospital in Krakow, where she also taught classes at the Faculty of Medicine.

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