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DermaQuest Laboratory is an American professional brand that guarantees superior results in specialist skin care. The brand was created in 1999 by the world-famous chemist – Sam Dhatt. His passion and vast experience have made DermaQuest formulas the quintessence of the latest achievements in the world of cosmetology and anti-ageing medicine. All DermaQuest cosmeceutics are made in the USA, their formulas do not contain parabens and have never been tested on animals.

DermaQuest is:

A pioneer and co-founder of the breakthrough use of plant stem cells in the form of liposomes and plant extracts! Stem cells play a huge role in regenerative medicine, and their discovery has been hailed as a breakthrough in the world of cosmetology.

A precursor of liposomal formulas with biomimetic peptides and neuropeptides!

Biomimetic peptides mimic substances present in the skin and affect target cells, giving spectacular results in anti-ageing therapy. Neuropeptides exhibit activity similar to botulinum toxin, which effectively reduces the depth of mimic wrinkles. In DermaQuest formulas, biomimetic peptides occur in the form of liposomes and are used in their most effective concentration.

The world leader in therapies based on pure retinol!

Retinol is a pure form of vitamin A giving the best results clinically confirmed in anti-ageing and anti-acne therapy.
The formulas contain pure retinol in combination with lipophilic vitamin C: BV-OSC. DermaQuest formulas are based on 0.2%, 1% and 4% retinol, giving spectacular results in specialist skin therapy. Cosmeceuticals with retinol use a patented system of specialised liposomes that ensures the successive release of vitamin A, increases its stability by eliminating the risk of irritation.

DermaQuest is the first and only laboratory of medical cosmeceuticals that combined advanced technology of liposomes, highly effective stem cells, pure retinol, vitamin C with highly effective ferulic acid! Ferulic acid is a very strong antioxidant that stabilises active substances, increases their efficiency and acts as a natural UV filter. Its anti-radical effect is so spectacular that it has survived many clinical studies confirming its effectiveness. At the moment, it is one of the most desirable anoxidants in the formulas of medical cosmeceuticals.

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