Cosmetics and cosmetology

Cosmetic treatments which are properly selected for the type of skin allow you to achieve spectacular effects. Thanks to modern devices and concentrated preparations, the skin regains a radiant look, wrinkles are smoothed and the colour is uniform. Cosmetic procedures with the use of acids and peels provide excellent skin preparation for cosmetics and further treatments. After microdermabrasion procedure, depending on individual indications, it is possible to perform needle-free mesotherapy using the same device.

Cosmetic treatments affect e.g.:

  • improvement of skin elasticity
  • reduction of enlarged pores
  • reduction of skin discolouration
  • reduction of wrinkles

Skin care cosmetics

We should bear in mind that the basis for healthy and beautiful skin, in addition to appropriate treatments in a beauty salon, is proper care. Therefore, as a complement to our offer related to cosmetic procedures preparing the skin for the intake of appropriate substances, there are nurturing and conditioning treatments.

Cosmetics and cosmetology – price list

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