COSMELAN® – a therapy that removes discolouration and stimulates collagen renewal

It is one of the most effective hormonal discolouration treatments. Cosmelan treatment should be performed by a doctor or cosmetologist cooperating with a doctor. You only need to do the COSMELAN® treatment once. Discolouration is reduced by 95% in a fairly short time, between 8 and 21 days depending on the patient’s individual inclinations. The treatment, however, does not eliminate the tendency to hyperpigmentation, therefore it is important to use the knowledge that the person conducting the procedure passes to the patient. The preparation can be used for all skin types and discolourations of various etiologies. The best results are obtained in the case of discolouration based on hormonal (melasma), oily or combination skin, because in addition to getting rid of pigment spots, it regulates sebum secretion, narrows pores and gives the skin glow.

The treatment consists of two stages:

  • Stage one – in the office: the person performing the treatment cleanses and degreases the skin. The next stage is the application of Cosmelan. It is a mustard-coloured mask and forms the basis of the treatment. Its main purpose is to eliminate spots.
  • Stage two – at home: the patient with the mask put on goes home and rinses it off with running water, after about 5 hours – the duration of holding the mask is determined by the person conducting the procedure or the consulting doctor, depending on the phototype of the patient’s skin. Then the patient uses Cosmelan 2 cream for 3 months after the procedure according to the scheme chosen by the person performing the procedure and a moisturising cream.


  • pregnancy
  • hair removal (relative contraindication)
  • laser hair removal (you should wait 2 weeks after the procedure)
  • active phase acne (relative contraindication)
  • sun / UV exposure

 Relative contraindications:

  • herpes in the active phase
  • active inflammation
  • chemical peelings (you should wait 1 week after the procedure)
  • roacutan (you should wait about 6 months after finishing the treatment)
  • vitamin A derivatives used externally (wait 2 weeks after surgery)

Mechanism of action

Cosmelan is a new generation preparation with a strong depigmentation effect. The treatment enables effective removal of pigmented spots, restores skin smoothness and radiance. The mechanism of action is based on the use of substances that inhibit tyrosinase, a key enzyme in the formation of melanin.


  • it is the most effective whitening treatment compared to depigmentation therapies currently available on the market
  • it contains brightening agents with immediate effect
  • very effective in the treatment of hormonal hyperpigmentation, especially of the melasma and chloasma type
  • very clearly brightens small and specific spots such as freckles, pigmented moles and sun discolourations
  • can be performed at any time of the year
  • suitable for all phototypes and skin types
  • regulates sebum production, narrows pores
  • stimulates sebum renewal


The skin condition improves one week after starting the treatment. Depending on the type of skin, the treatment is performed at different speeds. In the case of dark skin (phototype IV and V), the spots disappear after 8 to 10 days. People with fair skin (phototype I and II) and phototype III – blond and dark-haired with light eyes, the disappearance of spots is observed between 8 and 21 days. In 99% of cases, the intensity of the stain colour is reduced by 95%.

Treatment rules

During the first visit, the doctor informs the patient about the operating principles and stages of the procedure. After the procedure, the therapy is continued at home. Cosmelan 2 Cream maintains the effect of the treatment. The preparation supports the removal of hyperpigmentation, has sebum regulating properties, closes pores, and prevents hyperpigmentation. One of the ingredients in the cream is a high sunscreen that protects the skin against ultraviolet radiation during whitening therapy. The cream intensively nourishes, moisturises the skin after the procedure and complements the treatment, keeps the skin smooth and elastic. It must be used as instructed by the doctor. The therapy cannot be stopped becaue otherwise discolouration may reappear as the therapy does not eliminate the tendency to hyperpigmentation, it only interrupts it. During the treatment, no other bleaching and exfoliating agents may be used at the same time, otherwise the planned therapeutic effects may not be achieved. Follow-up visits 8, 15, 30 days after surgery are recommended.

The appearance of the skin after the procedure

During the first 3 days after the procedure and in the case of very sensitive skin, the skin may be very red. This is the most normal reaction. A feeling of tension and burning may also be observed. The patient should apply a cream with a high sunscreen every morning and before leaving home.

Price: 1800 PLN *
* The price includes the treatment in the office and continuation of the treatment at home: Cosmelan 2 cream and Hydra-Vital Factor K moisturising and nourishing cream.

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