Manual therapy

Indications for the procedure


Manual therapy is an extremely valuable method of physiotherapy. It is based on the fact that the physiotherapist presses the right points on the body, thus reaching the painful places and restoring muscle balance. Manual therapy is a form of massage that is great for treating joint and spine problems. It was once used only by quacks. Nowadays, this effective rehabilitation method is recognized by academic medicine.

Advantages of manual therapy

Manual therapy is effective in treating back problems, muscle aches, degeneration and joint injuries, tension and headaches resulting from fatigue or stress. These are combined activities because the bones, muscles, ligaments and joints form a coherent whole. During the massage all soft tissues are pressed – the skin, muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments.

Pain occurs when something undesirable happens to the joint. The nerves that surround the articular capsule transmit a signal to the central nervous system. Hence, we feel pain. The body responds to pain with muscle tension resulting in a blockage that only intensifies the pain. Unfortunately, this is a vicious circle. The goal of manual therapy is to unblock the muscle first and then the joint. It consists of compressing, kneading, stretching painful places at different angles. When the muscle is properly warmed up, it unlocks and sets itself in the right position.

Appropriate course of manual therapy

It is important not to do anything forcefully. Although it is obviously possible to set the joint in one move, it is not done so as not to expose the patient to stress. By using milder methods, the goal is achieved and the patient does not feel pain so much. Pressure is very strong during manual therapy. In combination with other methods, including loosening techniques, the therapy is not associated with much discomfort.

Manual therapy can be compared to Japanese shiatsu massage. In the case of shiatsu, specific points on the meridians are pressed, i.e. the channels through which energy flows. In the case of manual therapy, the masseur himself finds places that are blocked. The therapist’s work tool is his hands.

Manual therapy – effects

Manual therapy brings relief even during really severe pain. The procedure takes about 30 minutes. The patient usually feels much better after the first treatment. After a few sessions there is a huge improvement. If this does not happen, it means that the cause of the pain is not the spine or joints. The therapist then recommends visiting a doctor for a thorough examination.

The first visit begins with a detailed interview. Specialists devote a lot of time to this to get to the cause of the ailment. Each patient is treated with respect and is properly taken care of. Thanks to this, effective cooperation and joint achievement of the goal are possible. This is why we talk about manual therapy, not about a massage. This therapy can reach where the doctor does not reach. Many people want to see the therapist after unsuccessful treatment attempts, awaiting understanding. That’s why specialists talk to the patient and listen to their problems and fears.

Why is it worth using manual therapy?

Manual therapy is a physiotherapy technique that involves supporting the treatment of locomotor organs. The therapist reaches bad aeras through grips, pressure and a combination of various techniques. Its purpose is to reduce pain and restore proper mobility in blocked parts of the spine or joints. It’s a safe method of massage.

The method of treatment is carefully adjusted to the patient’s problem such as ligament, muscle, nerve, joint. It is possible to use manipulation, which consists in quick joint activation, massage, stretching, neuromobilization, i.e. impact on nerves, mobilization – impact on the joints to increase their mobility. Each patient is treated individually so that it is possible to match an effective method to solve their problem. This is why consultation is so important.



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