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I PEEL acne lift

Key Ingredients: 20% blend: Salicylic acid, Glycolic acid

Indications: Acne

Combination of salicylic acid with glycolic and Lilac stem cells. It supports the treatment of acne of any severity and reduces seborrhea. In addition, it smoothes the skin. Salicylic acid has keratolytic properties and additionally reduces in relation to the secretory activity of sebaceous glands. Glycolic acid as a small molecule, penetrates deeply giving the opportunity to better unblock the horny sebaceous glands, which in turn supports mechanical cleansing of the skin.


  • oily
  • with acne problems
  • with signs of aging

I PEEL beta lift

Key Ingredients: Salicylic acid

Indications: Advanced acne

A strong, unadulterated salicylic acid treatment that quickly and effectively improves the condition of skin affected by medium and severe acne. The treatment with salicylic acid within 24 hours ensures a clear improvement of the skin affected by active acne. The peeling neutralises the skin, ensuring its smooth appearance.


  • oily
  • with class III and IV purulent acne

I PEEL perfection lift

Key Ingredients: 60% complex: Salicylic acid, Lactic acid, Retinol

Indications: Deep wrinkles and discolouration

The IMAGE brand has created a unique composition of alpha and beta-hydroxy acids and retinol combined with strong antioxidants, corrective peptides and stem cells of plant origin. The most modern solution combining exfoliation, regulation, antioxidant protection and stimulation of cell renewal. The composition perfectly fights advanced pigmentation, acne changes and signs of skin aging.


  • with advanced aging
  • disturbed pigmentation
  • inflammatory uneven surface of the epidermis
  • with acne

I PEEL wrinkle lift

Key Ingredients: 40% blend: Glycolic acid, Retinol

Indications: Wrinkles and loss of elasticity

The peeling contains a solution of glycolic acid, retinol and Budlei David’s stem cells. Structural glycolic acid consists of very small molecules, which is why it penetrates deep into the stratum corneum, resulting in better, stronger exfoliation, which in turn contributes to a deeper penetration of other active substances, in this case retinol. It is a treatment with a specific effect, during which the stratum corneum exfoliates. At the same time, vitamin A stimulates at the dermis level, where it stimulates fibroblasts to produce extracellular matrix, while in the epidermis in its basal layer, it regulates and improves cell division and differentiation. It accelerates impaired epidermal renewal processes.


  • with all types of aging
  • uneven
  • with discolouration
  • dry
  • rough
  • oily
  • with blackhead acne

I PEEL lightening lift

Key Ingredients: 50% blend: Lactic acid, Kojic acid

Indications: Discolouration and pigmentation disorders

An exfoliation treatment designed to perform a treatment that reduces pigmentation discolouration. The peeling formula is based on a solution of lactic acid, stem cells Undari Pinnate and Echinacea and the content of brightening substances that inhibit tyrosinase, thanks to which they inhibit excessive melanogenesis. Lactic and kojic acid combined with a cocktail of brightening agents, effectively reduce any discolouration, refresh the colour and moisturise.


  • with discolouration
  • sun spots
  • uneven skin tone
  • dehydrated

I PEEL the signature facelift COMPANY TREATMENT

Key Ingredients: 30% mix: Vitamin C, Fruit Enzymes, Hyaluronic Acid

Indications: Dehydration, rosacea

A revolutionary company treatment, a vitamin peeling, which after just one application, significantly improves skin condition. The preparation, apart from the content of vitamin C, contains AHA acids, Asian Pennywort stem cells and plant-derived proteolytic enzymes, thanks to which it guarantees gentle exfoliation, combined with a slightly brightening effect. The biggest advantage of peeling is its stimulating effect on collagen production, strengthening and improving micro circulation in the skin’s capillaries. Its contained hyaluronic acid, moisturising polypeptides and plant extracts provide a strong antioxidant effect.


  • with rosacea
  • with erythema
  • severy dehydrated
  • sensitive
  • grey
  • with discolouration
  • tired
  • of smokers
  • after plastic surgery

Also for pregnant women. Antioxidant, exfoliating, stimulating and strengthening effect.

I PEEL ormedic lift

Key Ingredients: 30% Pumpkin flesh, 15% complex: Papaya, Passionfruit, Pineapple, Polypeptides

Indications: Refreshing

An exfoliation treatment which uses the properties of plant enzymes. The organic complex contains papaya, pineapple and pumpkin, whose flesh contains proteolytic enzymes. The product gently exfoliates and slightly brightens the skin. In addition to enzymes, the product also contains Comfrey stem cells and very strong antioxidants i.e. green tea extract and ubiquinone. Thanks to this, it provides the skin with strengthening and protection of its structures against the harmful effects of free radicals. It stimulates cell renewal of the epidermis, helps moisturise the skin and stimulates its regeneration, and additionally provides antioxidant protection.


  • all skin types
  • especially sensitive skin
  • dehydrated
  • of smokers
  • of the overworked

Also for pregnant women. Exfoliating, stimulating and strengthening effect.


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