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Professional permanent Makeup LONG-TIME-LINER®

Natural beauty at any time of the day or night

Permanent makeup LONG-TIME-LINER is currently considered the most precise and safe method of permanent makeup in the world. High-quality surgical steel equipment and safe, long-lasting dyes guarantee a beautiful and natural effect.

Permanent makeup is a great way to improve your beauty. However, to make it look effective and natural, it requires a skilled hand, professional knowledge and experience. The result of the treatment is permanent, which is why the method and safety of performing it are of great importance.

Permanent makeup has a wide range of applications, from emphasising the contour and changing the full colour of the lips, through highlighting the outline of the eyebrows or creating strokes on the lower and upper eyelids, to medical procedures such as covering up scars or discolouration.

We recommend it especially for those who:

  • do not have enough time to do everydy makeup or touch it up during the day
  • the way they want to look naturally beautiful in the morning and evening
  • they wear glasses or contact lenses and have problems with makeup
  • are allergic to coloured cosmetics
  • would like to make a correction of their appearance by optical correction of asymmetry
  • were deprived of eyebrows and eyelashes, e.g. as a result of chemotherapy

Permanent makeup is done in our clinic in Krakow by a certified Linergist LONG-TIME-LINER.

Permanent makeup – a captivating look every day

During make-up, dyes of natural origin are introduced into the epidermis and, through storage in the intercellular space, remain there visibly for 3 to 6 years. Later, the dye gradually brightens, and makeup disappears evenly. According to customer preferences, makeup can be repeated after this period.

Skin irritation, redness or swelling often occurs during the procedure, but these symptoms disappear quickly. In the first days after the procedure, the makeup is the most intense. Two days after the procedure, the epidermis begins to discreetly peel off. This is a natural process because the upper surface of the epidermis scratched with a needle peels off for several days along with some of the dye (make-up at this time fades to 50% of the original colour). Continuous moisturising is very important.

You need to make a correction 2-3 weeks after the procedure, because only after this period you can see whether you need to improve the colour, strengthen it or weaken. The correction is included in the price of the procedure and should be done no later than a month after the procedure.

Permanent lip makeup

It is a beautiful colour and shape permanently and, above all, a perfect lip contour around the clock, without having to improve makeup after eating, sports or kissing. With this makeup, you can even out the asymmetry of the lips, slightly enlarge or reduce them and emphasise their line.


  • diabetes
  • psoriasis
  • unhealed herpes
  • dry and cracked lips
  • pregnancy
  • taking steroid medications
  • Botox or hyaluronic acid injection into the mouth two weeks before the procedure

Get ready for treatment

Take care of your lips before moisturising. Nourished skin accepts pigment more easily, thanks to which the effect is more durable and expressive. By consulting our linergist you will get all information on how to prepare for the procedure, including a list of treatments that will help moisturise and smooth the skin around your lips.

Permanent makeup – how to care for the lips after the procedure?

A slight swelling around the mouth is a condition that persists for several hours after the procedure. The lips are extremely susceptible to infection. Therefore, we recommend that you consult your doctor to choose the right antiviral medicine. The drug should be taken 3 days before and 3 days after the treatment as this will avoid getting herpes.

Remember not to rub, touch or wash your lips with soap. It is recommended to use only cosmetics recommended by a linergist that will ensure proper hydration.

For two weeks after applying permanent make-up, avoid visits to the pool, SPA, sauna and solarium.

Permanent eyebrow makeup

Perfect eyebrows are rare, they grow irregularly and the eyebrow arch often breaks. Permanent regulation and dyeing of eyelashes is troublesome and gives a short-term effect. Permanent makeup also allows you to reconstruct eyebrows in people who have lost them for various reasons. You can regain the natural shape of your eyebrows with a beautiful eyebrow highlighting your eyes and beauty. You can do permanent makeup using two methods i.e. hair or shading.

  • Hair method
    Also  called the feather method. It is a great method to fill gaps in the eyebrow arch. The specialist performing the procedure creates a drawing imitating natural hair. The pigment under the skin is introduced linearly, thanks to which this makeup looks extremely natural.
  • Shading method
    The shading method will emphasise your beauty in a subtle and natural way. It involves shading the desired shape and colour of the eyebrows. The linergist introduces pigment under the skin onto the eyebrow shape drawn with a pencil. The shading effect means that the makeup is not flat and uniform.


  • pregnancy
  • taking steroid medications
  • using Botox or hyaluronic acid two weeks before the planned surgery
  • diabetes
  • psoriasis
  • virus infection

Get ready for treatment

Good preparation for the procedure is the key to the durability of permanent makeup. Do not shave your eyebrows a month before the planned treatment. Let them grow back so that the specialist can easily assess the natural shape of the hair on the eyebrow arch. Dry and flaky skin should be properly moisturised. You can use a scrub or apply a moisturising mask. We recommend cleansing treatments such as microdermabrasion for oily skin.

If you do not know how to properly prepare for the procedure, we invite you to consult our linergist. The specialist will answer all your bothering questions and inform you about the actions you need to take before applying permanent makeup.

Permanent makeup – how to take care of your eyebrows after the procedure?

The skin after the treatment is very sensitive and for some time a slight swelling may appear, which will quickly disappear though. It is recommended that after the procedure you should not wash the eyebrows with soap, give up solariums, SPA and swimming pools and do not touch the skin covered by the treatment. Failure to follow the advice of a specialist may result in discolouration.

Permanent eye makeup

Permanent eye makeup is recommended for people who cannot imagine everyday makeup without a bottom or top line.

  • The upper line thickening the eyelash line – we recommend it to people who do not apply their makeup everyday, because this type of makeup is very subtle and looks extremely natural. Nobody will notice that you have permanent makeup. Everyone will notice your beautiful eyes and thick eyelashes.
  • Upper decorative line – for people who like clear and strong makeup. Your eyes will always be prepared for any occasion.
  • The lower line completes the makeup and makes the eyes optically larger.


  • infection or eye disease
  • viral infection
  • pregnancy
  • taking steroid medications
  • diabetes
  • psoriasis

If eyelash growth preparations are used, they should be discontinued one month before the procedure.

Get ready for treatment

During the consultation with the linergist you will learn about all contraindications for the procedure. If you are taking any medications or are sick please inform our specialist. It may turn out that the permanent makeup of the lips will have to be rescheduled for a few days or completely abandoned.

Just before the procedure:

  • take care of proper hydration of the skin around the eyes
  • get enough sleep
  • let your eyes rest
  • do no dye eyelashes with henna a few days before the procedure

Permanent makeup – how to tak care of your eyes after the procedure?

The skin after the treatment is slightly swollen and very delicate. For several days, do not use soap to clean the eye area. Use only cosmetics recommended by a linergist. Failure to follow the instructions may cause discolouration.

You should also give up the pool, SPA, sauna and solarium for a period of at least 2 weeks. Take care of proper skin hydration and do not let it dry out excessively. Avoid applying makeup on your eyes, tanning pigmented skin and sharp peelings.

Guarantee of quality and satisfaction

Permanent makeup is performed in our clinic in Krakow by Paula Waligóra – a cosmetologist with many years of experience, in Medicor since 2008, a licensed linergist – a specialist in permanent makeup of the brand LONG-TIME-LINER.

LONG-TIME-LINER Permanent makeup – price list

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Usta – kontur z wypełnieniem 1200 zł
Brwi 1000 zł
Kreski dolne 400 zł
Kreski górne cienkie 500 zł
Kreski górne pogrubione 700 zł

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