X-WAVE – therapy of acoustic waves, lymphatic drainage and removing cellulite

X-Wave reduces cellulite on such difficult parts of the body as thighs and buttocks. The treated skin becomes smoother, firmer and more elastic, and cellulite and local imperfections are eliminated.

In addition, skin tension improves, the effect of “heavy legs” and swelling is reduced by improving lymph flow, which, as a result, allows you to dispose of toxins from the body. X-Wave also breaks down fat cells on soft tissues such as the abdomen or waist.

The device is equipped with ShockWave heads. ShockWave are sound waves with increasing pressure. The ShockWave power is worth supplementing with ultrasounds, which by vibrating the membranes of fat cells cause their dissolution. The fat released in this way is immediately eliminated from the body through natural metabolic processes.

During the cellulite removal procedure, the sensations associated with the impact of acoustic waves can be compared to not very strong impacts. However, the treatment does not cause a deeper discomfort.

X-Wave is the so-called “Lunch treatment” which means that after perfoming it, you can immediately return to normal activities. After each treatment, manual lymphatic drainage of the body is recommended, which supports the excretion of broken fat cells from the body.

The treatment allows you to achieve good results after just a few sessions. How long the effects of the treatment last is an individual matter and depends, among others, on factors such as diet, physical activity and the patient’s age.

The treatment is completely safe, confirmed by clinical tests and CE certificate. Our specialists will inform you about the method of preparation for the procedure and possible contraindications.

Recommended number of treatment sessions: 6-12 treatments


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