How to remove wrinkles around the lips

Over the years, each of us will notice some wrinkles on the skin. Initially only few and barely visible ones, but with time it became more numerous and clearer. So we use a variety of creams, vitamins and home remedies, trying to keep the attractive appearance of the skin around the lips as long as possible. And yet they usually turn out to be ineffective. So how do you deal with the first signs of passing youth and keep the firm skin around your lips as long as possible?

What are wrinkles?

We use this term to refer to hollows on the skin that occur in the form of thin furrows. They usually affect the skin under the eyes, forehead, the space between the eyebrows, but especially the skin around the lips.

It is here that the furrows are most visible. They make the affected face appear older than it really is and cause a decrease in self-esteem and quality of life. Not only does our beauty suffer, but also our perception of ourselves.

Technically speaking, the skin loses its natural skeleton, made of collagen and elastin fibers, for wrinkles. The second issue is the loss of the substance, which is hyaluronic acid – it fills the skin and gives it appropriate properties i.e. elasticity and firmness. These processes occur naturally, but there are other causes of the formation of furrows.

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What types of wrinkles do we know?

There are three types of wrinkles:

mimic wrinkles – these appear earliest, just after 25 years of age, and the reason for their appearance are the natural movements of the facial muscles. When we smile, get angry or wonder – these emotions clearly imprint our skin. Over time, these marks become fixed on the skin in the form of wrinkles;

– gravitational wrinkles – these are closely related to the ageing process and loss of skin firmness. They are usually deep, and even makeup will not mask them;

structural wrinkles – formed as a result of excessive exposure to sunlight or frequent visits to the solarium. The cause of their formation is skin damage, and the extent of this damage depends on how deep the furrows appear on the skin. They are usually also accompanied by pigmentation disorders.

What factors contribute to the appearance of wrinkles around the mouth?

At what age and in what form wrinkles appear on the skin depends on many factors. Of course, one of the most important of these are genetic issues that are beyond our control. However, other factors have an impact too:

– lifestyle – the type of diet we use affects the appearance of our skin. If it is rich in vitamins and minerals, it will certainly allow you to enjoy the younger appearance of your skin for longer. Also remember to use sunbath wisely;
– exercises – if you take care of your body’s health and exercise every day, take care of your face and provide it with at least a few minutes of exercise;
-cosmetics – always use a mild cream designed for your skin type, avoid cosmetics that excessively dry the skin;
-smoking – in the case of a smoker, wrinkles around the mouth are formed much faster and are much deeper. Think about it before you reach for another cigarette;
-weight loss – slimming and pregnancy can also affect the formation of furrows. So remember to use good skincare cosmetics during pregnancy and slimming treatments;
-stress – certainly stress is not our ally to preserve our youthful appearance. So let’s find a few moments each day to relax, wind down and forget about duties;
-hormones – the most unfavourable period in a woman’s life, in terms of the appearance of her skin, is the period of menopause. Collagen breaks down under the influence of a decrease in estrogen production, and the skin loses its elasticity.

How to prevent wrinkles?

Now that we know what factors contribute to wrinkles, preventing them seems simple.

So let’s focus on a healthy lifestyle – eat healthy, eat recommended portions of fruit and vegetables daily, supplementing them with lean meat and wholesome cereal products.

Use mild cosmetics containing retinol, which is the original form of vitamin A. Its beneficial effect on skin health and condition has been known for decades. In addition, avoid too frequent and intense exposure to sunlight and visits to the solarium – changes caused by UV radiation are not just an aesthetic problem. Deep burns increase the risk of developing diseases such as skin cancer.

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How to fight wrinkles around the mouth?

These days, thanks to modern methods proposed by cosmetic clinics, wrinkle removal is not a major problem. Importantly, we can get rid of not only shallow, small changes, but also deep ones.

The most important thing, however, seems to be the fact that the effect of firm, smooth and young skin can be achieved by reaching for non-surgical methods with a low degree of invasiveness. Thanks to this, we do not have to worry about pain during and after the procedure, as well as swelling or bruising after the therapy. In brief, it only takes a few moments to effectively get rid of ugly pits on the skin around the mouth. So what exactly can you do to look young again?

Beauty treatments

One of the most effective ways to regain the firmness of the skin is to inject botulinum toxin, the popular botox into the skin surrounding the red lip. This treatment stops the skin ageing process and also effectively removes already existing mimic wrinkles.

The treatment is completely painless and involves injecting a specific part of the skin with a botulinum toxin preparation. It only lasts several minutes, and is effective in every case and gives immediate results.

The second method that is worth recommending and which is of great interest to patients is filling wrinkles with hyaluronic acid. It is an organic compound that is naturally present in human skin and which has been decreasing over the years. A special indication for performing a hyaluronic acid treatment are the peri-wrinkles.

As in the case of botulinum toxin injection, the procedure is painless for the patient and its effects are noticeable in a very short time. Importantly, hyaluronic acid injection is recommended for very delicate and thin skin.

Home treatments

In the case of shallow changes that have just begun to appear on the skin surrounding the mouth, you can also use some home methods.

A variety of anti-wrinkle creams, masks and massages with the use of coconut oil and vitamin E are perfect. Our ally in the fight for firm skin is primarily water, so do not forget about the right amount of fluid that helps care for skin elasticity.

Give up smoking and intensive sunbathing. If you like to have a darker than natural skin tone, use a gentle self-tanner with good composition.

But if the first signs of ageing have already appeared on your skin, do not wait until your face is covered with a mesh of pits – take advantage of the achievements of modern cosmetology and aesthetic medicine.

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