Body shaping

A wide range of treatments allows you to shape your body using various methods and preparations. Thanks to properly selected shaping, firming or slimming treatments, we can get rid of or significantly reduce the occurrence of areas on our body.

One of the ways to beautiful, firm, modeling the body is EXILIS, a non-invasive system for firming and dissolving fat, as well as cellulite. The treatment consists of controlled heating of tissue by uniform stimulation of molecules in combination with ultrasound waves. As a result, body fat volume is reduced. As a result, the body is properly modeled, the figure is slimmer and wrinkles are reduced. The skin’s tension and elasticity are also improved.

Among the slimming treatments, the use of acoustic waves is also of great interest. These types of treatments are invaluable in the fight against cellulite, especially in difficult parts of the body such as thighs and buttocks.

Injection lipolysis also deserves recognition. The patented slimming technique activates the process of releasing fat (lipolysis), eliminating local deposits and imperfections. Mechanical stimulation of ENDERMOLOGIE LPG triggers the biological response of the body, which results in the release of fat and the resumption of collagen and elastin production. Thanks to this, the silhouette is modeled and the skin is naturally firm and smooth.

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