Gingival smile – ways to treat an embarrassing defect

Defects affecting the face are always particularly troublesome. It is difficult to hide them from our loved ones, friends and colleagues. Remaining perfectly visible, they reduce our sense of our own attractiveness, cause us complexes, in extreme cases they even push us to withdraw from life within the community.

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Excessive sweating – how to deal with it?

Why and what for do we sweat? What are the causes of increased sweat production and how to deal with this phenomenon effectively? Here's everything you need to know about it.

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Acne skin – what are its charactetistics and how to take care of it?

Acne is a serious problem that affects not only teenagers as it can also happen to adults. The basis for fighting it is the correct diagnosis of acne and the proper care of the affected skin. How to recognise acne skin and how to care for it at home and in a professional way? What is rosacea and when should I see a specialist? You will find answers to all these questions in the article below.

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Acid facial – How to match acid to your skin type?

Probably every woman has a peeling cream for the face in her bathroom. The advantages of its use are many, and they do not need to be mentioned. It cleanses the skin well, leaving it smooth and refreshed. However, it should be remembered that cosmetics intended for use at home do not provide such a professional and long-lasting effect as those used in a beauty salon.

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Proven rejuvenating treatments for mature skin

Correctly selected and carried out rejuvenating facial treatments can mask collagen deficiencies and restore the skin's former firmness and youthful appearance. What are they about? Can you perform them at home? And are they effective?

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Banquet treatments – what are they and what are they about

Probably most of you have never heard of the concept of banquet services. And this kind of treatment actually exists, and enjoys great sympathy of both regular and occasional regulars of beauty salons. What are they? Who are they intended for and when is it good to decide on them? And finally - what are the types of banquet treatments?

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Depitaltion and epilation – what is the difference between these two treatments

Two concepts, meaning body hair removal treatments, are usually used interchangeably, and yet each of them defines a different group of methods to fight unwanted hair. Depilation and epilation - what are they and how do they differ? And what ways does each of these categories cover?

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5 face treatments which you can do in the summer

Summer is fast approaching and it will soon embrace you. Do you want to know what treatments are perfect for the summer and you can treat yourself to welcome them as beautifully as possible?

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