Microneedling. What is it?

  • Minimally invasive technique based on the creation of microchannels in the skin and the external application of active ingredients. Thanks to this, we achieve epidermal biostimulation with minimal effects.
  • The main advantage of this technique is high efficiency combined with a high safety profile, confirmed by research.

Main advantages:

 A natural way to visibly revitalise face and body skin

  • It uses the skin’s natural tendency to renew
  • It generates microchannels to increase the absorption of superficial products
  • The shape of the device is comfortable, adapted, wireless, effective and easy to use
  • A lot of possible combinations of treatment protocols and application techniques

High safety profile

  • Results comparable with injection techniques
  • This is not an injection / Safer for the operator
  • Many needls but verification of deep punctures


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