Laser hair removal – everything worth knowing about it

There is no doubt that every woman would like to enjoy a beautiful, smooth body. We usually decide on traditional methods of hair removal by using a disposable razor or wax. This is persistent and does not always allow one hundred percent to get rid of unwanted hair. Painful pimples appear, we observe ingrown hairs. The use of wax or a disposable razor may cause skin irritation. What’s more, both methods take a lot of time and force us to check every day for hair growth.

Fortunately, a method was created that allows you to get rid of hair in a selected body part once and for all. The solution is laser hair removal, which lasts for many year and its effects can be seen even after the first treatment!

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a professional procedure that allows you to effectively remove hair once and for all. There are two basic types of laser that are used in this type of hair removal. The first is an IPL laser, which was not created to remove hair, but has this kind of properties. The second is a diode laser that removes hair and its roots, while not heating adjacent tissues.

Who is laser hair removal for?

Permanent laser hair removal is recommended for those who want to get rid of unwanted hair once and for all in any area of the body. You can opt for laser hair removal for bikini, intimate areas, armpits, legs, abdomen, face. The great advantage of this type of hair removal is the durability of the result. The skin stays smooth forever. It is enough to perform about 6-8 treatments for a given body part.

However, we should bear in mind that even after a series of treatments, it may be necessary to perform a complementary treatment, thanks to which we will remove the remaining individual hairs. It is not performed immediately, but only after a year or two after the end of the series. Then come out some hair that was during treatments in the so-called latent phase.

Hair has three growth phases: anagen, catagen, telogen. The laser only removes hair that is in the first stage of growth. Body hair does not grow at an even rate, which is why it is necessary to perform several treatments to permanently get rid of all hair in a given area.

Does laser hair removal hurt?

Whether the procedure will be painful depends on several factors such as ndividual resistance to pain, skills of the person who performs the procedure, type of laser, depilation site are taken into account. However, it can be said with certainty that laser hair removal is not more painful than sugar or wax depilation.

How does laser hair removal work?

Laser hair removal treatment lasts from several minutes to half an hour – depending on the size of the selected area. The procedure is preceded by a consultation. A special card is filled out, the contraindications are read, questions are answered. It is on this basis that the specialist determines whether the procedure can be performed in a particular case. In case of any doubts, a test is performed, i.e. removal of one hair, and then the skin is observed and a decision is made as to what to do next.

The actual treatment involves irradiating the skin with a laser beam. During the procedure, you may feel a tingling sensation or a prickling feeling that can be eliminated with a cooling or anaesthetic gel. After the procedure, swelling or redness of the skin appears which can last from several hours to several days.

Laser hair removal – contraindications

You must not tan your skin for at least three weeks before the treatment. We do the same after the procedure. This applies to both natural sunbathing and solarium. Before the procedure, the skin should be smooth, shaved and not lubricated with any lotion or antiperspirant.

Contraindications to the procedure are serious skin problems, skin cancer, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Those who take light-sensitising drugs or drink herbs with such properties should also opt out of laser hair removal. The use of acne or antidepressant medications will also be a contraindication.

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