KLAPP Cosmetics is a leading European manufacturer of professional cosmetic products, combining care for the beauty of the body and its efficiency. KLAPP Cosmetics is one of the leaders of technological innovation on the professional cosmetics market.
Its greatest achievements include:


The cosmetics line, using a combination of α and β acids, thanks to which a very intense exfoliating and rebuilding effect is obtained. In addition, the combination with urea and hyaluronic acid enhances the moisturising effect. On the other hand, the addition of lactic acid increases the penetration through the epidermis of the aforementioned substances,


The patent of KLAPP Cosmetics is a complex of biologically active substances (retinol, ASC III, DMAE, DHEA, hyaluronic acid, BX ARGIRELINE), affecting three layers of our skin. Thanks to this combination, the effects of the treatment are comparable to a face lift performed by a surgeon.

 Particularly noteworthy is Argirelin, which is a faithful copy of Botox i.e. a substance injected by aesthetic medicine doctors in the fight against the progressive aging process of the skin.

  • The use of ATP i.e. a substance enabling the release of cellular energy, necessary for the synthesis of structural proteins (collagen, elastin),
  • propriety combination of 4 types of hyaluronic acid (high, low, low and oligoparticulate) in one preparation gave the possibility of multidirectional moisturising of the skin at different levels,
  • introducing into the cosmetics a complex of stem cells, obtained from a specially selected Swiss species Malus Domestica, having the ability to accumulate water for a long time and thus maintaining the vital functions of the cells.

KLAPP Cosmetics is a three-time winner of the Beauty Award, the most prestigious award on the demanding German market in the professional cosmetics industry.


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