Laser skin lesions removal

The widespread use of CO2 fractional laser  means that it is often used in dermatosurgery and aesthetic dermatology. It is worth emphasising that laser treatments are safe, minimally invasive and extremely precise. The advantage of this method of removing skin lesions is also the speed of wound healing, elimination of bleeding during the procedure and satisfying final effects.

Course of the procedure

Laser removal of skin lesions is performed under local anaesthesia. The duration of the procedure depends on the number and size of changes.

As a result of the laser, the skin changes are evaporated – the laser light is absorbed by soft tissues, as a result of which the water contained in them evaporates and the vessels are tightly closed. After the procedure, a small scab is formed, which spontaneously falls off after some time. The procedure for removing skin lesions using a laser leaves a small scar. The healing process can also take place without leaving any traces.

Contraindications for laser removal of skin lesions

-Pregnancy and breastfeeding
-Tumors and cancers
-Albinism, psoriasis and other autoimmune diseases
-Hypersensitivity to light
-Fresh tan (avoid tanning and stop tanning before the procedure). Also, do not use bronzing cosmetics
-Unregulated diabetes
-Having a pacemaker, metal implants, an insulin pump
-Tendency to develop keloids
-Taking herbal supplements and antibiotics


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