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Physiotherapy during pregnancy

There is no doubt that pregnancy is an unusual period in the life of every woman. Unfortunately, ladies who are preparing for motherhood or are already pregnant, rarely decide on physical activity. However, especially pelvic floor muscle exercises are crucial for delivery ...

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Types of massage – 10 of the most popular treatments

By properly performed massage, you can stimulate the work of individual muscles and organs, reduce the visibility of cellulite and support the treatment of certain diseases. Learn the types of massage and tailor the specific treatment to your needs.

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Chinese cupping massage

Chinese cupping massage is a method widely used in cosmetology and medicine and is based on the use of a special vacuum cupping. This method is commonly associated with healing effects on the human body, but it has many more applications. Check why you should use it regularly.

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Closing blood vessels – everything you need to know about it

Enlarged blood vessels are a serious aesthetic problem. Ugly purple threads cover our thighs, calves and face, which makes us ashamed to go out to the pool or beach, put on shorts or a little black dress. What possibilities do we have to get rid of this defect?

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How to augment lips – known and unknown methods

If your lips do not resemble the ones you dream about in any way, you do not have to wring your hands and correct them with several layers of lipstick, which will rub away anyway. Read our guide and choose an effective method that will give you what you want.

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Proven rejuvenating treatments for mature skin

Correctly selected and carried out rejuvenating facial treatments can mask collagen deficiencies and restore the skin's former firmness and youthful appearance. What are they about? Can you perform them at home? And are they effective?

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Banquet treatments – what are they and what are they about

Probably most of you have never heard of the concept of banquet services. And this kind of treatment actually exists, and enjoys great sympathy of both regular and occasional regulars of beauty salons. What are they? Who are they intended for and when is it good to decide on them? And finally - what are the types of banquet treatments?

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