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We use only modern equipment and tried and tested preparations in the field of professional cosmetics and dermatology. Qualified and trained medical staff are a guarantee of full professionalism.


High-quality services and discretion as well as very friendly atmosphere make the visit to MEDICOR Clinic of Aesthetic Dermatology and Laser Therapy a pure pleasure and a moment of relaxation. The treatments we offer you  not only allow you to preserve beauty and effectively fight the aging process, but also restore the natural beauty and health of the skin.

Laser Fotona Spectro SP-Sun: YAG, Er: YAG

The most comprehensive laser system in aesthetic medicine. Two complementary Dualis SP lasers allow you to perform the widest range of aesthetic treatments available in one system. Laser Er: YAG Fotony achieves maximum effects at the minimum depth of penetration of the laser beam.

LightSheer XC diode laser

The LightSheer XC diode laser – an American company Lumenis / Coherent (the world leader in the production of medical lasers) is the most modern device on the market for removing unwanted hair. LightSheer XC is the most precise laser in the diode laser family. It has a safety and quality certificate issued by the US Food and Drug Administration FDA, honoured around the world and Certificates of relevant European institutions, including ISO 9001.

Cryo 6 Derma Cooler

Cryo 6 Derma Cooler is a device cooling the skin with cold air. It minimises side effects during the procedure and ensures maximum patient comfort. Cryo 6 Derma Cooler takes laser therapy to a new level!

Conture Liner Duo permanent makeup apparatus

The Conture Liner Duo permanent makeup apparatus is the result of 20 years of work by specialists from Germany. Since the beginning of the brand’s existence, it has been modified and improved. It is currently the highest quality permanent makeup equipment on the market. The permanent makeup apparatus not only has a new look, thanks to which it looks modern and harmonizes with the equipment of beauty salons, but also offers the option of connecting a second handle.

geneO™ by Pollogen

Geneo ™ was inspired by hot springs known for skin oxygenation. By simulating such action, Geneo ™ causes a reaction in the body called the “Bohr effect”, as a result of which oxygen is sent to the treatment area. At the same time, Geneo ™ exfoliates the skin, creating the perfect environment for the absorption of essential nutrients both during and after the procedure.

BTL ViVACE – Micro-needle Fractionation With LED Combination Therapy

Vivace is a skin rejuvenation device using the microneedle RF fractionation technique.
Excellent treatment effects obtained using the Vivace camera are the result of synergies of cit, whm and led therapy.


Endermolab from LPG® uses exclusive endermologie® technology that allows 100% natural tissue stimulation treatments for beauty and health. It helps to shape the body and firm the skin, fights cellulite, excess fat tissue, flaccidity of the skin of the body and face, and swelling.

X-WAVE – Acoustic Wave Therapy

Extremely strong sound impulses spread throughout the body as vibrations. This method was originally used to crush kidney stones, and is now widely used in physiotherapy, pain management and sports medicine. In aesthetic medicine, a delicate radial (radiant) acoustic wave has been gradually modified for the treatment of cellulite.


Accent Prime – a revolutionary combination of RF (unipolar radio wave) and US (Ultrasound) technology in face and body shaping. Accent Prime ™ is the most advanced Alma Laser treatment platform, designed for skin firming and body shaping treatments.


The device effectively remodels the body of the person undergoing the procedure, reduces wrinkles and rejuvenates the face with an additional anti-aging effect. It uses the revolutionary RID technology (RECOGNITION – ISOLATION – DEACTIVATION) to reduce the circumference and change the shape of problem areas of the body, as well as reducing cellulite.


A new era of HIFU for slimming and body firming. Thanks to the exceptional precision of action and deep tissue penetration, it enables effective, non-invasive reduction of body fat with simultaneous contraction of the skin. Thanks to UTIMS BODY we can achieve spectacular effects of fat reduction, while maintaining the comfort of the treatment.

Alliance – CELLU M6®

The first device from the Cellu M6® range was originally designed as a medical device. The purpose of LPG technology has always been unchanged, namely to help in a smooth return to an active lifestyle, accelerating the rehabilitation process, acting as an extension of the professional hand of a physical therapist and the reconstruction of painful, damaged and paralysed tissues. There are a number of therapeutic applications, and their number is constantly increasing, with each generation of the device.


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