Laser facial treatments

Facial skin is exposed to various changes and imperfections including discolouration, loss of firmness, excessive hair growth, scars and acne lesions. These problems are not only of aesthetic nature, but also have a negative impact on the perception of their own attractiveness and can lead to a decrease in the quality of life. Fortunately, modern achievements of aesthetic medicine allow you to regain the beauty of your face skin. Check which ones can help you with your problems.

zabiegi z użyciem lasera pozwalają pozbyć się zmarszczek, przebarwień i blizn

What are the laser treatments?

Each laser treatment is performed using a modern device, which is a fractional laser. It emits a beam of light that penetrates into selected areas of the dermis and effectively removes its imperfections.

Thanks to this, there is no question of masking the problem, but of removing its cause. Different effects can be achieved thanks to the use of devices emitting different lengths of light waves, and each laser treatment is performed by qualified personnel – a doctor or a beautician. This makes the treatment not only effective, but also safe and almost completely free of side effects such as redness, swelling and bruises.

So what skin problems can you solve with a laser?

Laser rejuvenation

With time, our skin begins to lose its firmness – more amd more wrinkles appear and they get even deeper, the skin begins to sag clearly, it becomes flaccid. The reason why this happens is because it reduces the activity of fibroblasts – the cells that are responsible for the production of collagen and elastin. As a result, there is no natural skeleton in the skin responsible for its firmness.

Laser skin rejuvenation is the best alternative to surgical procedures. It does not require the administration of general anaesthesia (the skin is only locally anaesthetised), the use of needles and a scalpel, it does not cause side effects except a slight irritation, and after a few days you will enjoy younger and more beautiful skin.

The principle of the treatment is to stimulate fibroblasts, which again take on the task of producing collagen fibers and elastin, and this leads to skin regeneration.

The laser removes not only small wrinkles, but also deeper ones, so it is suitable for people of all ages and with different lifestyles – it is a perfect face lift for those of us who do not want to undergo surgical methods.

Removal of discolouration

Laser treatments are not only photorejuvenation, but also a great method to remove discolourations that appear on the skin as a result of excessive accumulation of melanin in a small area of the  skin.

Discolouration occurs due to various factors – under the influence of hormones (for example, during pregnancy), photosensitising drugs or damage caused by the use of aggressive alcohol-based cosmetics.

Laser discolouration removal consists in irradiation of individual spots with a laser beam of appropriate wavelength. Radiation is absorbed by melanin, which reflects them and breaks down under their influence. Damaged and broken dye is removed by the body itself.

Immediately after the procedure, the spots darken, and after a few days come down along with the peeling epidermis. After the treatment, the skin is free of unsightly patches, but you must remember that the tendencies to their formation do not disappear. So if your skin often develops discolouration, you must remember to use sunscreen creams with a high filter and to use cosmetics with a good composition that have a mild effect.

blizny potrądzikowe znikną dzięki zastosowaniu lasera

Closing capillaries

Aesthetic medicine also uses laser therapy for blue threads called spider veins, which sometimes begin to appear on the skin – dilated blood vessels. Thanks to the laser you can improve your appearance quickly and effectively.

Of the many treatments used in aesthetic medicine, laser closing of capillaries is the least invasive. Like other laser treatments, it only requires mild local skin anaesthesia.

To close spider veins, the length of the laser beam absorbed by the blood hemoglobin is used. It absorbs the laser light and is destroyed under its influence, along with the damaged vessel.

After the treatment, the skin is slightly red and swollen, but these symptoms disappear after a few days, leaving smooth skin without spider veins.

For a few spider veins, usually one treatment is enough, but if your skin is covered with a dense thread network, you will need to use a series of several treatments.

Hair removal

Facial hair is a big problem for women. It happens that they appear above the upper lip in the form of a moustache, on the chin or nose. It can be performed on those who cannot undergo epilation using other methods and not only on the face, but also on the skin of the whole body. Laser hair removal allows you to permanently part with a disposable razor and aggressive hair removal creams.

For laser hair removal, the wavelength absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle is used. Under its influence, this dye breaks down, and with it the follicle itself is destroyed. The hair dies and falls out.

It should be remembered that our hair grows all the time, passing successively through specific growth phases. The laser treatment only works on those that are in the active growth phase, so it should be repeated several times to achieve the effect of smooth skin.

After the procedure, perimenal oedema may appear, which is worth softening with cool compresses so that after a few days you can enjoy smoother skin.

Removing scars and tattoos

Also acne scars, postoperative scars and tattoos can be effectively removed thanks to the laser treatment. This is one of the most frequently used laser treatments and the most effective ones among similar technologies.

In addition to a high degree of efficiency, the laser method also offers a high level of safety – you don’t have to worry about getting damaged as a result of using it.

The effects are visible after the first treatment, and the treatment allows you to remove even deep and extensive acne scars, after surgery such as Caesarean section and tattoo removal.

Is it worth undergoing laser therapy?

Definitely yes. In this way, you will not only remove imperfections from your skin and rejuvenate it, but also significantly improve the quality of your life and regain confidence. You’ll also be able to opt out of home, often ineffective, time-consuming and costly methods to mask skin problems such as makeup, wax removal or surgery. It can be applied to delicate skin around the lips and eyes and to the cleavage.

To achieve the best results of laser treatments, follow the pre-treatment guidelines that the beautician or physician conducting the interview will tell you about.

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