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We are a reputable clinic of aesthetic dermatology and cosmetology which was created by enthusiasts and specialists in the field of dermatology, aesthetic medicine and cosmetology.

Our many years of experience in the market and knowledge supported by numerous certificates and awards have created a unique place where the highest quality of service goes hand in hand with the passion and fulfilment of our patients’ dreams, as well as ours.

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What is regenerative medicine? – Sefiller treatment

The Seffiller treatment is extremely effective, which is why it enjoys such great interest. Its purpose is to regenerate the skin using stem cells, which are taken from adipose tissue and then combined with the stromal cells of the blood vessels. They are sequentially injected into selected places.

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Laser treatment of alopecia (baldness)

If you are worried about hair loss, you use supplements, cosmetics and medicines and all with a mediocre effect then maybe it's worth trying something new? The most common type of baldness is androgenetic alopecia, which affects mostly men but it can also concern women. In women, the hair is thinning from the top of the head, without shifting the facial border. In men, however, the hair loss process usually begins with the retraction of the facial hair on the forehead and temples. Then the so-called receding hairline appears that moves backwards. Alopecia also appears on the top of the head (so-called monastic tonsure) and then radiates.

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Regenerative medicine – what is good to know?

Regenerative medicine is a relatively new branch of medicine, but it guarantees excellent opportunities. It is the common denominator for many medical specialties - from orthopaedics, through oncology, neurology, to dermatology or urology. Regenerative medicine is based on the knowledge of specialists in many fields including biotechnology, medicine and biomedical engineering. It is also the area of activity of scientific centers that specialise in the use of stem cells.

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Effective slimming – that is injection lipolysis

Injection lipolysis is a non-invasive, non-surgical method for getting rid of fat from specific body parts. Originally, it was supposed to be an effective alternative to liposuction and used for body modelling. However, it soon became apparent that the phosphatidylcholine solution, which is injected during the procedure, allows you to get rid of the so-called love handles and other folds that are difficult to reduce by diet or exercise. Injection lipolysis is also an ideal weapon in the fight against fat from the double chin or bags under the eyes.

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What does eyelash extension consist in?

Eyelash extension is a procedure that enjoys considerable interest. First of all, it allows for a relatively permanent (approx. 3 weeks) extension and thickening of natural eyelashes, so we can forget about covering them, sticking tufts or wasting time on strong makeup. What are the methods of eyelash extension? What does the procedure look like?

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Stems cells in aesthetic medicine

Without a dout, regenerative therapies are the future of medical aesthetics. They are not just a seasonal trend or a fashionable trend in aesthetic medicine. Just visit any significant scientific congress in the world to find out that treatments using stem cells allow you to preserve youth and beauty for longer. At the same time, they can boast of very high efficiency.

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Utims Body HIFU- who is the treatment for and what are its effects?

Although the HIFU treatment has been known in aesthetic medicine for a long time, it is gaining more and more recognition each year and this is all owing to its effectiveness. Utims Body HIFU visibly improves the appearance of the skin and reduces body fat. Once this method was used to treat various ailments, e.g. prostate, kidney or bladder cancer and soon it also appeared in clinics of aesthetic medicine. The HIFU procedure itself is safe and non-invasive. When to decide on it and what effects can you expect?

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Radiesse treatment – what is it and what effects can you expect?

Radiesse is an extremely effective and safe way to improve the appearance of your skin. Nowadays, we have a wide range of different treatments to choose from, which do not require the use of a scalpel, but the effects can exceed the wildest expectations in a short time. Is it worth to opt for Radiesse? If our problems are persistent wrinkles and loss of skin firmness, Radiesse may be an excellent choice.

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