What is regenerative medicine? – Sefiller treatment

The Seffiller treatment is extremely effective, which is why it enjoys such great interest. Its purpose is to regenerate the skin using stem cells. Stem cells are taken from adipose tissue and then combined with the stromal cells of the blood vessels. They are sequentially injected into selected places. Importantly, the effect of the treatment is not immediate, because the stem cells are activated within three months. However, looking at the results, it’s worth waiting because they are long-term and extremely beneficial leaving your skin visibly rejuvenated, more elastic and filled. Seffiller is the perfect choice for every woman who wants to look younger and fresher.

Basic information about stem cells

As the latest research shows, adipose tissue carries much more stem cells than the bone marrow. Stem cells that come from adipose tissue are called ADSC for short. When combined with stromal cells (SVF), they show excellent regenerative potential. This type of connection is used to renew both tissues, organs and skin. Stem cells are healthy, intact structures. We can compare them to newborn skin stem cells. They have no defects, they are not damaged, therefore they can transform into various types of mature cells.

For example, they can transform into epithelial cells (outer skin layer), adipocytes (fat), endothelial cells (internal vessels), chondrocytes (cartilage), osteocytes (bones), myocytes (muscle cells), neurocytes (the most numerous group of white blood cells in the whole immune system).

Seffiller treatment – treatments with stem cells

The first stage of the Seffiller procedure is local anaesthesia. The entire skin regeneration procedure takes about 30 minutes. Importantly, it is highly safe and completely non-invasive. It can be performed only in reputable aesthetic medicine clinics. Usually, Seffiller is performed using local anaesthesia to increase patient comfort.

How are stem cells collected?

Fat, and at the same time stem cells that it contains, are collected using a specialised micro-cannula. As you can guess, the best areas for this treatment will be where there are dense fat stores. Most often they are buttocks, stomach, hips or inner thigh. The micro-cannula allows the collection of an adequate amount of fat with two types of stem cells – SVF, i.e. stromal cells, and ADSC fat cells.

The next stage is the transplantation of cells to the places where their defects are. We make a transplant using very thin needles. Stem cells that have previously been taken from adipose tissue are injected into the target areas to add volume, fill the skin or reduce wrinkles. They are most often injected into the cheekbones, lips, around the cheeks, eyebrows, around the eyes, neck and cleavage.

After the Seffiller procedure, you can immediately go back to your daily activities. The only side effect that we can observe is the swelling of regenerated skin surfaces. It may persist for 48 hours after the treatment. However, the swelling is small and disappears under everyday makeup.

Small bruises may also appear immediately after the procedure, but they will begin to disappear in the first days. The skin will gain elasticity and smoothness. It is also possible to mix the collected stem cells with hyaluronic acid for a more visible filling effect.

The effects of the Seffiller treatment

For many people, the most important thing is what effects we can expect from the Seffiller treatment. The most important are the visible results of improving the elasticity and appearance of the skin, which we will observe about 1-3 months after the Seffiller treatment. Stem cells need time to start working, hence the effects will be visible after several dozen days. It is important, however, that the result itself is long-term. It should also be added that if we want the best results, it is recommended to repeat the skin regeneration procedure. You can decide on it about 6-12 months after the first treatment. Of course, before the treatment a medical consultation is required, which can match the best solution for a given patient.

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