Utims Body HIFU- who is the treatment for and what are its effects?

Utims Body HIFU- who is the treatment for and what are its effects?

Although the HIFU treatment has been known in aesthetic medicine for a long time, it is gaining more and more recognition each year and that is all owing to its effectiveness. Utims Body HIFU visibly improves the appearance of the skin and reduces body fat. Once this method was used to treat various ailments, e.g. prostate, kidney or bladder cancer and soon it also appeared in clinics of aesthetic medicine. The HIFU procedure itself is safe and non-invasive. When to decide on it and what effects can you expect?

HIFU treatment – what is it?

HIFU comes from English and means High Intensity Focused Ultrasound. The treatment involves skin stimulation with high frequency ultrasound which is generated by a special device. The specialist selects the appropriate setting that allows the penetration of sound waves into the skin to varying depths – from 1.5 mm to 4.5 mm. Regeneration takes place through microdamages of tissues that are caused by the action of ultrasound. Skin cells are damaged by the thermoablation process, which in turn is the result of a locally elevated temperature. The penetration depth is determined very precisely, which is why the top layers of the skin are intact.

In the past, Utims Body HIFU was used only for medical purposes. Various cancers were treated with HIFU, as well as Parkinson’s disease. HIFU as a medical procedure is perfect for skin firming, face lifting, wrinkle reduction, and additionally reduces the visibility of enlarged pores.

Utims Body HIFU – indications

The HIFU treatment is intended for everyone who wants to improve the firmness of their skin. Indication for surgery may also be the first signs of aging. In addition, Utims Body HIFU will also be used in the case of e.g. loss of skin firmness during weight loss, flaccid skin after pregnancy or sudden weight loss, face and cleavage lifting, flaccid skin on the thighs, buttocks or breasts. Ultrasounds have a very positive effect on the reduction of enlarged pores, and in addition sharpen the face contour.

HIFU treatment – contraindications

HIFU treatment is relatively safe, therefore it does not cause serious side effects that affect discomfort. However, it is not recommended to use the treatment in the case of:

  • skin inflammation
  • cancer
  • herpes
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • implanted pacemakers or metal implants
  • mechanical damage to the skin
  • epilepsy
  • cardiovascular diseases
  • multiple sclerosis

It should also be remembered that for a few days at the place of treatment we can observe a slight swelling. This is normal and disappears after a few days. In case of any disturbing symptoms, it is necessary to report it to a specialist.

Utims Body HIFU – course of the procedure

The first stage of the HIFU treatment is the application of a gel to the skin, whose task is to increase the efficiency of the penetration of soundwaves into the skin. Those who have extremely sensitive skin may also opt for local anesthesia in the form of an ointment. The treatment involves applying a head to the skin that emits ultrasounds. The process takes 20 to 30 minutes.

What effects can you expect?

The first effects of the HIFU treatment can be seen after the first visit to the beauty salon. If the skin is heavily wrinkled or flabby, further treatments will be required, however, a treatment plan is set with a specialist. Due to the time of tissue regeneration, the target effects of the HIFU treatment will be visible after about 2-3 months. As a rule, they last for about 1.5 years. The main effects of the HIFU treatment include, above all, firming the skin, reducing its flaccidity, and reducing wrinkles. This is an excellent treatment, for example after pregnancy or slimming.

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