What does eyelash extension consist in?

Eyelash extension is a procedure that enjoys considerable interest. First of all, it allows for a relatively permanent (approx. 3 weeks) extension and thickening of natural eyelashes, so we can forget about covering them, sticking tufts or wasting time on strong makeup. What are the methods of eyelash extension? What does the procedure look like?

What is eyelash extension?

Eyelash extension consists in precise gluing of hair, which are made of various materials. The treatment is very popular due to the fact that it allows you to maintain a natural look, while saving time needed for morning makeup. The effect of eyelash extensions will not be guaranteed by any mascara. Eyelash extension using the 1 to 1, 2 to 1 and 3 to 1 method gives much more lasting effects than traditional tufts, which usually need to be removed after one day.

How long do eyelash extensions last?

A lot will depend on the condition of our natural eyelashes and subsequent care. It is assumed, however, that eyelash extensions should last for about 3-4 weeks. Natural eyelashes fall out and are replaced with new ones. This is why, in order to maintain the original effect of extensions, we must regularly supplement them. It is important to opt for eyelash extensions only in a reputable beauty salon, which is yet another important factor that affects the lasting effect. Professionally made eyelash extensions will withstand bathing in the sea or pool, sauna, physical effort, washing with standard makeup removers. Using waterproof mascara is not recommended!

What does eyelash extension look like?

As has already been mentioned, eyelash extension involves sticking individual hairs to natural eyelashes. In practice, it is tedious work that requires appropriate skills. This is why a qualified beautician should perform an eyelash extension treatment. This is not a procedure that can be done at home. It requires precision, maintaining the highest hygiene standards, great practice and caution. The person performing the procedure uses metal tools, strong glue and very fine hair. In order for eyelash extensions to be as invasive as possible, the hair sticks about 1 mm from the base of natural eyelashes. Thanks to this, the risk of an allergic reaction is minimal.

The procedure requires patience. Depending on the condition of natural eyelashes, their density and the method chosen, it lasts from two to three hours. It is performed on closed eyelids in a lying position. The client cannot move during the procedure.

Eyelash extension methods

There are many methods of eyelash extensions and new ones are constantly appearing, inspired by the appearance of global celebrities. There are, however, three basic, and at the same time most commonly used methods which are all based on the same technique. Each of the methods ensures similar durability, but they differ in effect. It is mainly up to the client which method will be used, but a specialist may suggest the best solution that will optically lengthen the shape, enlarge the eyes or reduce the effect of the drooping eyelid.

The first method is 1: 1. It provides the most natural effect and at the same time is the cheapest option. One artificial hair is attached to one natural eyelash. The second method is 1: 1, i.e. two hairs are attached to each natural eyelash. They are thicker and more expressive then. The next option is 3: 1, i.e. an additional 3 hairs are attached to a single natural eyelash. This method provides the most spectacular effect.

Obviously, there are other methods too, e.g. 4: 1 or even 10: 1! They differ in the number of hairs attached to natural eyelashes. For extension, synthetic, silk or natural hair from Siberian mink fur is used. The latter are the lightest, so they are recommended for volumetric methods, e.g. 3: 1.

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