Cosmetic treatments for autumn – prepare your skin properly for the onset of cold

In autumn it is especially important to take care of your skin. On the one hand, it is tired of summer heat and overdried by a huge dose of sunlight, on the other hand, the winter awaiting it will not be an easy time. Gusty winds and frost are a great threat to the skin. What autumn cosmetic procedures are worth considering? Here are five suggestions that will allow your skin to regenerate and prepare for the coming of winter.

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Peeling Skin Ceuticals

Skin Ceuticals is a series of treatments that are effective, but also safe, to cleanse the skin of a layer of exfoliating epidermis. It restores a young, radiant appearance of the skin and eliminates the first signs of ageing – smoothes, reduces facial wrinkles, thoroughly cleanses and leaves the skin smooth and radiant. A variety of cosmetics intended for treatment allows its use also on sensitive skin as well as the one that is prone to irritation.

What is the procedure? In essence, it consists of a series of treatments that can begin with a drainage massage or mechanical peeling. Their continuation is a chemical peeling, which is carried out using glycolic acid in a concentration tailored to the needs of the skin and possibly 10% lactic acid. Such peeling very effectively exfoliates dead skin, leaving it clean and healthy.

The last stage is a soothing treatment, which restores the skin’s young, radiant and healthy appearance.


That is microcenthesis. This is a procedure that aims to stimulate renewal processes in the skin and is a safe, minimally invasive way to revitalise facial skin. It is performed using so-called pen – a device equipped with many very thin needles, with which the skin is punctured. This creates tiny channels.

The effect of therapy is stimulation of repair processes in the skin – production of fibroblasts, collagen types I, III and IV as well as elastin and glycosaminoglycans. The second important benefit is better absorption of active substances from cosmetics.

Oxygen infusion

This is a patented method that allows rejuvenation, regeneration and deep hydration of the skin at the cellular level. At the same time, it reduces wrinkles formed in the summer as a result of skin exposure to sunlight. It works immediately, so it belongs to the group of treatments called banqueting – you can use it just before going out to a party, talking to an important customer or to work.

The treatment is dedicated to people who face various skin problems. So it is worth using it when the skin is gray, dull, lacking radiance and tired, as well as flabby. Various preparations used for oxygen infusion will quickly and effectively eliminate the above problems.

Oxygen infusion is a non-invasive and painless procedure. It consists in injecting active substances deep into the skin with a stream of pure, compressed oxygen. These substances can be vitamins, hyaluronic acid, retinol, antioxidants, peptides, minerals and even snake toxin extract (pseudobotox). The selection of individual ingredients depends on the skin condition and the client’s needs.

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Corundum microdermabrasion

This is another of the less invasive, but very effective treatments, which is worth undergoing while waiting for the arrival of winter. It involves mechanical exfoliation of subsequent layers of the epidermis and dermis to reveal healthy, clean skin tissue. Why is it worth undergoing such a procedure?

Microdermabrasion is intended for people suffering from blackhead acne, seborrheic dermatitis or parietal keratosis. In addition, it allows you to remove acne scars, as well as discolouration and skin lesions caused by sunlight. This is a great way to rejuvenate the skin after a hot summer – the skin becomes younger, elastic, regenerated thanks to the stimulating effect of the treatment.

Geneo by Pollogen

The innovative device from the Pollogen brand – Geneo is a great offer for women who want to get versatile results as part of one type of treatment. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to achieve three benefits: exfoliation of the outer layer of the skin, nutrition of the skin through the use of special nutritional preparations, and oxygenation of the skin from the inside. And all thanks to one device!

Thanks to the Geneo treatment, you can achieve great results in a very short time – the skin immediately becomes smoother, firmer, radiant, better nourished and moisturised. The effectiveness of the method has been clinically proven, and after the procedure you can immediately return to daily activities.

Depending on what effects you expect, you can use one of two types of Geneo treatments: NeoRevive, which reduces wrinkles, closes pores, firms the skin, improves its density and nourishes it. The second type is the NeoBright procedure. It restores the skin’s radiant appearance, brightens it, evens its tone and, like NeoRevive, improves its density and nourishes the skin.

During the Geneo treatment, the skin is nourished thanks to the use of natural nutrients – ribose, oils of plant origin, hyaluronic acid, retinol. The addition of glycerin prevents drying of the skin and maintains an adequate level of hydration. It is a comprehensive action, thanks to which your skin will be perfectly prepared for the difficult winter season.

Remember that autumn is the best time to do facial care. So visit a good beauty salon and specify your expectations and needs, and professional staff will help you choose the right treatments for your skin.

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