Who is a linergist and what does she do?

One of the terms that we can hear more often recently is a linergist. What does a person doing this job do? Who and when can use such services? You will find the answer to these and many other questions in the article below.

Who is she

Before we tell you about the secrets of her work, we will answer the question of who the linergist is and what she does. This is a makeup artist, whose specialty is permanent or permanent makeup. This is a very difficult art that requires proper training and preparation. Therefore, not every makeup artist can define herself as a linergist and provide permanent makeup service.

kobieta w złotym makijażu


Where does she work and what are her responsibilities?

The linergist provides her services in a good beauty salon or aesthetic medicine clinic. However, in order for her to do this, she must go through numerous courses and training, because this work is complicated and requires many skills. Any mistake can have catastrophic consequences.

Linergist’s duties are, as we have already mentioned, very numerous. In addition to the fact that a person practicing this profession should have an aesthetic sense to correctly select colours and shades of pigments and be able to model the face oval correctly, she must also be knowledgeable about all the tools and devices used in her profession.

How can you become a linergist?

To be able to do permanent makeup, you must complete the appropriate course. Only on professional training will you learn what types of pigments there are, how to match them to the colour and shape of the client’s face, and how to properly perform the procedure. It should be remembered that makeup will remain on her face permanently, and not every mistake can be repaired.

When choosing a course, pay special attention to the number of hours of theoretical and practical classes. Theoretical knowledge will be of no avail if you cannot perform the procedure correctly. And vice versa – even the best skills will not bring positive results if you do not know what kind of pigment will look good on the client’s face.

It is worth investing in constant development and improving your skills in this profession. Makeup trends change regularly and newer and more modern solutions are introduced to the market. You have to be up to date because these changes are followed by changes in customer preferences. And the certificates of the completed trainings and courses decorating the walls of the office increase its prestige and the trust that clients place in you.

What does vocational training look like?

Each good course lasts from 6 to 10 days and is divided into two parts – theoretical and practical. The theoretical part discusses issues such as the basics of makeup, types of pigments and their use, hygiene and safety principles, the structure and functioning of the skin.

In the practical part you will learn drawing techniques and how to use the apparatus that is needed to introduce dye to the skin. These lessons are conducted on special mannequins made of synthetic materials, and on models. Initially, students observe the work of trainers, in the later stages of training they do permanent makeup on their own.

duże zbliżenie na oko pomalowane na różowo i niebieskoHow much does a linergist earn?

Determining linergist’s earnings is very difficult for several reasons. The first is the type of her employment as she can provide her services in a professional beauty salon, set up her own, but there are also linergists working at home or commuting to the client’s place of residence.

Self-employment can be very tempting if we look at the amounts that customers pay for linergist services. But you also need to consider the costs which include the purchase of equipment, pigments, necessary tools, and employment costs.

However, if you decide to work in a beauty salon, you can count on a salary of 2700-3000 PLN net. Of course, the amount of remuneration will depend on your skills and experience, but also the region of residence and the prestige of the office itself.

So if you’re already tired and discouraged by applying makeup everyday, you know who to look for. A professional linergist will decorate your face with permanent makeup, and you will look glamorous at any time of the day or night.

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