Types of massage – 10 of the most popular treatments

There is probably no person who would not dream of massage sometimes – its relaxing properties have been known to mankind for thousands of years. But this treatment not only reduces stress or tension but it also improves our well-being. If used properly, it also improves blood circulation in the body, removes or alleviates pain and supports the functioning of the whole body. By properly performed massage, you can stimulate the work of individual muscles and organs, reduce the visibility of cellulite and support the treatment of certain diseases. Learn the types of massage and tailor the specific treatment to your needs.

Massage is defined by the movements through which the massaging person, i.e. the masseur, exerts pressure on individual parts of the patient’s body. For this purpose, he uses specific techniques – patting, kneading, grinding. But the procedure is more difficult than it might seem, because it requires excellent knowledge not only of the technique of its implementation, but also of anatomy.

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Chinese cupping massage

This is one of the most natural healing methods. It is based on the use of special bubbles and oils and has been known to humanity for thousands of years. The treatment has a strong relaxing effect, introduces a state of deep relaxation, but also unclogs individual energy pathways of the body and improves energy flow, which, as the Tibetan worldview says, is to ensure a long and healthy life.

However, thanks to the use of this type of treatment, we can certainly achieve the following effects:

-relaxation of nervous tension
-better tissue blood supply,
-removal of back pain and headaches, including migraines,
-more effective removal of toxins from the body.

Ice cube massage

A quite surprising massage option is the VIT ICE massage, performed with the help of an ergonomic ice cube. It is performed before potentially unpleasant procedures such as laser therapy, electrostimulation or permanent makeup. It not only reduces their soreness, but also increases their effectiveness.

VIT ICE effects:

-stimulation of lymph and blood circulation
-acceleration of metabolism – faster weight loss and reduction of cellulite
-reduction of swelling
-delaying ageing processes
-improving skin firmness and even out skin tone
-feeling better

Massage for a flat stomach

Which woman does not dream of a flat stomach without a rigorous diet and strenuous exercise? You will achieve this effect by using a professional massage for a flat stomach – fat reduction and cellulite will be a pleasure for you.

Completely painless, relaxing and pleasant, it will allow you to firm your stomach skin and get rid of unsightly folds and wobbly bits.

Massage for firm buttocks

Buttocks are another, after the stomach, place of the body, which often raises the dissatisfaction of its owner. Too small, flat and weakly muscled – they are not our best decoration. Instead of spending long hours on ineffective exercises, get a massage.

Massage on the buttocks will not model them as much as exercise in the gym, but will restore their firmness and desired shape by shaping the deepest layers of muscles. Here are the effects you can count on:

-even the skin structure, make it firmer and more elastic
-strengthening the buttock muscles and giving them a nice shape

Sports massage

It is the best complement to physical exercises, especially for athletes, but anyone can use it, for example, after visiting the gym. Unlike massage for firm buttocks and stomach, its task is not to shape muscles and eliminate fat tissue, but to prepare the body for exercise and accelerate its regeneration after it. We perform this type of massage to:

-accelerate the regeneration of the body after exercise
-balance the work of the nervous

-circulatory and muscular systems
-strengthen ligaments and tendonsrenew energy reserves

Foot massage

We are all exposed to painful swelling and a feeling of heavy legs, but especially women spending all day in high heels or shoes, pregnant women, people performing work in a standing position and athletes practicing running, Nordic walking or jogging.

Swelling is caused by disorders of the lymph circulation around the feet and calves – this fluid collects in certain places and, being unable to flow further, causes swelling and discomfort.

Massage is an effective way for your feet and lower parts of your legs to regain their lightness and well-being. It relaxes the muscles and brings a feeling of general relaxation.


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