Excessive sweating – how to deal with it?

The phenomenon of sweat being produced by the human body is not only a natural phenomenon, but also necessary for our survival. Sometimes, however, the body produces too much of it. Then it stands in the way of our career and social life, becoming a cause of serious discomfort. Why and what for do we sweat? What are the causes of increased sweat production and how to deal with this phenomenon effectively? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Why and what for do we sweat?

As most of us probably remember from biology lessons – man is a warm-blooded being. This means that he can maintain a relatively constant body temperature despite changes in the ambient air temperature. Of course, the body cannot maintain a constant temperature in very low or very high temperatures – it cools down or overheats.

The mechanism for maintaining a constant body temperature is called thermoregulation. And one of the tools of this mechanism is sweat, the production of which is to prevent the body from overheating during exposure to high temperatures.

The sweat produced by the glands effectively transports heat from the body to the environment due to the phenomenon of evaporation. Therefore, in hot weather or increased physical exertion, we sweat more, while in winter or during rest – hardly at all.

But sweat has one more task that we usually don’t know or don’t remember. It is a carrier of pheromones, i.e. fragrances used for communication, luring partners, helping to establish relationships or, on the contrary, repelling opponents. Their impact on our lives is stronger than one might think.

Sweat glands in the human body

Sweat is a secretion of sweat glands in the skin. There are two types of sweat glands:

ecrine glands – they have their mouths directly on the surface of the skin and quite evenly distributed in it. The exceptions are the soles of the feet and the internal surfaces of the palms, which contain more of them, while they do not appear at all on labia, penis glands and lips.

apocrine glands – their mouths connect with the hair follicles, and their activity begins during puberty. We have most of them under the arms, around the genitals and on the eyelids, and their secretions have a specific smell.

In addition to water, sweat also contains unnecessary metabolic transformation products, which include urea, ammonia, uric acid and physiological NaCL solution.

Factors causing excessive sweating

We talk about this ailment when the amount of sweat produced by our skin is disproportionately large in relation to the stimulus and independent of temperature. The immediate reason for this is the increased activity of the sweat glands. But what motivates them to this job?

The sweating process is regulated by the activity of the nervous and endocrine systems. Therefore, the first group of conditions that can cause a disorder are abnormal hormone secretion. These include diabetes, hyperthyroidism and hypoglycemia.

Hyperhidrosis can also be caused by disorders of the nervous system itself, as well as metabolic diseases. It should also be remembered that this problem accompanies the process of puberty, menopause and andropause, when a number of fundamental hormonal changes occur in the body. More often, obese people who use a diet based on highly processed products also sweat excessively.

But we can also deal with this phenomenon in stressful situations, for example before an important exam or meeting with a client, as a result of increased physical exertion or during a serious infection, which is accompanied by a high fever. The last reason for this is genetic issues.

How to fight excessive sweating?

Excessive sweating is a serious problem. Wet spots on the armpits, on the back and collar of the shirt do not look aesthetic, and the rapid development of bacteria in these places is the cause of a bad odour of high intensity. Equally troublesome are wet hands and feet. So how can you deal with this problem?

Nowadays, we have the option of using methods available at home, as well as treatments available in beauty salons. Here is their brief overview.

Antiperspirants and deodorants

These products are widely available in beauty supply shops, hypermarkets and even local shops. They have beautiful scents, and their manufacturers ensure their effectiveness for up to 72 hours. And although for people who sweat normally they are certainly sufficient, they will not help people suffering from hyperhidrosis.

Therefore, it is worth using them as an everyday element of personal hygiene, but they cannot be expected to eliminate the problem of hyperhidrosis.

Sweat blockers

Sweat blockers are a group of products that are designed to temporarily block the secretion of sweat by the glands. In addition, they have an antibacterial effect, and thus protect against the formation of an unpleasant smell. This group includes dermatologically tested sprays, wipes and foot and hand gels.


It is a procedure carried out using electric current. It is used in the case of excessive sweating of the hands and feet, but it should be repeated every 5-7 days to maintain the desired effect.

Botulinum toxin

When the above methods fail, you need to seek help from a cosmetic clinic. Botox injection treatment in places where we sweat excessively can be a step in the right direction. It is worth bearing in mind that Botox is used not only to correct the shape and size of the lips or model the face oval, but also to block the sweat glands.

Botulinum toxin injection works extremely effectively, and the procedure is completely painless and safe. It should be repeated every 3-6 months.

It should be noted that in the treatment of hyperhidrosis, it may be helpful to maintain a healthy body weight through regular exercise and a proper, balanced diet based on fresh vegetables and fruits, unprocessed cereals, rice and lean meat from a reliable source.

The problem of excessive sweating can be managed effectively. To this end, however, you must first know the reason for this. Possible pharmacological treatment will be more effective if we use modern methods available in the beauty salon, but botox injection can be chosen by anyone struggling with the problem of hyperhidrosis.

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