Depitaltion and epilation – what is the difference between these two treatments

Two concepts, meaning body hair removal treatments, are usually used interchangeably, and yet each of them defines a different group of methods to fight unwanted hair. Depilation and epilation – what are they and how do they differ? And what ways does each of these categories cover?

Various methods of hair removal

At the beginning let’s deal with the more commonly used term – depilation. This term means methods for temporary removal of hair, and thus the hair located on the skin, without disturbing their bulbs. These are methods that you can use at home, they do not require the use of specialised equipment and a visit to a beauty salon or cosmetology salon.

Epilation, on the other hand, defines methods that allow for permanent hair removal by damaging the entire hair bulb. Such procedures are usually performed in a professional cosmetology salon.

So since we already know the differences between epilation and depilation, let’s find out a little more about them. What treatments do they include? And what are the pros and cons of each of them?

Types of depilation – pros and cons of individual treatments

Hair removal is a wide range of various treatments, of which every woman will certainly find one that meets her expectations and meets the needs.



The first, and probably the most commonly used treatment is shaving using a razor equipped with one, two or three razor blades. The razor can be disposable or reusable.

This is a very effective way to get rid of hair, but haste can result in cuts and irritation to the skin. It also happens that the hair grows back thicker than it was before shaving.

Cream and spatula

Another method of depilation is hair removal with a special cream and spatula. The application of the cream is very simple, after a few minutes it is necessary to remove it from the skin, along with the hair, using a spatula.

The disadvantage of this method is the risk of an allergic reaction to delicate, irritable or allergic skin.

Hot wax

Waxing is a simple and uncomplicated way, but also very painful. It consists in applying a warm patch of wax to the skin, and after it has cooled down, breaking it off with the hair stuck to it. However, the pain is compensated by the high effectiveness and durability of the procedure.


Electric depilator

Hair removal with an electric depilator involves mechanical pulling of the hair, so it is painful. Its disadvantages include the fact that it takes a lot of time to remove all hair. In addition, the procedure must be repeated several times, because the edpilator blades usually do not catch everything with one stroke.

This, like waxing, is a method for people with low sensitivity to pain. Practice also shows that it is effective for fairly thick hair as thin one slides between the blades.

There are also methods of hair removal involving cutting and bleaching hair, but they are rarely used because of their low efficiency.

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is the best method of temporary hair removal. By ‘temporary’ we mean not a few days or weeks but a few years. What is the reason for its huge popularity? Certainly due to its high effectiveness, a series of several treatments allows you to remove all hair from a given body part.


Laser hair removal can be used for any part of the body such as legs, armpits, arms, face and bikini area. Thanks to the use of an anesthetic cream, this method of hair removal is also completely painless, and any irritation disappears after a few days.

The disadvantage of this method is that, unfortunately, not everyone can use it. It should definitely be avoided by pregnant and breastfeeding women, as well as diabetics, people suffering from infections and skin diseases, people after myocardial infarction and with some neurological diseases. It also requires at least several visits to the beauty salon, because the laser only destroys hair in the active growth phase. It is also quite expensive.

Epilation methods, their advantages and disadvantages

Let’s now discuss epilation methods that allow you to permanently remove body hair.


One of them is electrolysis, i.e. permanent damage to the hair follicles with direct or galvanic current. The procedure itself is completely painless, but its duration is long – a single follicle is destroyed only after 30 seconds of electricity.


The method of epilation slightly similar to electrolysis is thermolysis, with the difference that high-frequency alternating current is used to destroy hair follicles. This type of current destroys hair follicles faster – in just a few seconds.

Blend – a combination of thermolysis and electrolysis




Another permanent method for removing body hair is the so-called blend. This is a procedure that combines electrolysis and thermolysis. Both direct and alternating currents are used and it is the combination that is the most reliable method of epilation which gives the most lasting effects.

Such a huge availability of various ways to remove body hair gives women full freedom in choice. Thanks to this, each of you will easily choose the one that best meets your expectations. Regardless of whether you prefer ways to permanently or temporarily get rid of hair, you have at least a few choices.

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