Closing blood vessels – everything you need to know about it

Enlarged blood vessels are a serious aesthetic problem. Ugly purple threads cover our thighs, calves and face, which makes us ashamed to go out to the pool or beach, put on shorts or a little black dress. If they are present on the face, we cover them with a thick layer of makeup. But that doesn’t solve the problem. So what options do we have to get rid of this defect?

How do you know that we have a problem with dilated capillaries?

It is not difficult to recognise the problem of dilated capillaries. One glance is enough to notice thin, purple threads on the skin. And yet they are thin only at the beginning, with time they become thicker and better visible, they form a characteristic pattern of the spider’s web. When there are more, it is a sign that you should start to fight the problem.

And what is the reason for these ugly changes? Spider veins are nothing but broken or dilated small blood vessels. Genetic factors are mainly responsible for their propensity to develop, but this problem may also be due to taking birth control pills, smoking, alcohol abuse, wearing footwear that presses feet and ankles, being overweight. Also, the period of pregnancy is conducive to their formation.

It should also be emphasised that spiders are not only an aesthetic problem, but also a health issue. If left untreated, they can develop into varicose veins. That is why it is worth deciding to remove them.


Professional treatments

Fortunately, you can fight the problem of spider veins. Currently, we have a whole range of treatments at our disposal that guarantee their effective removal. Here they are.

Laser therapy

Laser therapy is a method of removing spider veins, whose operation is based on the use of laser light rays. Developed over 20 years ago and constantly improved, it is now effective and completely safe and painless. You do not need to be particularly prepared for the procedure.

The laser beam emitted by a special head thermally damages the walls of the affected vessel. The result is its collapse and disappearance. This is a completely non-invasive procedure – it does not require the use of incisions or punctures, and the skin after it does not require special care.



It is also a very popular method of closing blood vessels, but it is much more invasive. It consists in injecting the changed blood vessel with agents that cause their inflammation. In response to it, the vessel overgrows, and after some time – it dies and disappears.

The procedure is not painful thanks to the use of a local painkiller. Its effects, however, have to wait quite a long time – up to several weeks. During convalescence it is necessary to wear a compression dressing, so this method is not for people who want to get rid of spider discretely.

Although this method is effective, it must be remembered that it is also invasive. The list of contraindications for performing the procedure includes, among others, unstable diabetes and thrombosis, infections, oedema or ulcers.


This is a method in which high-frequency electric current is used to remove spider veins. Directed into a blood vessel, heats it strongly, cutting off its protein. Unfortunately, this is not a completely painless method, and after the procedure, there may be swelling and redness on the skin, which, however, disappear after a dozen or several hours.


You do not need to be particularly prepared for the procedure, but remember about contraindications to its use. These include pregnancy, the presence of a pacemaker and an insulin pump, and a fresh tan.

No matter which of the treatments listed above you choose, you must remember to undergo them in the autumn. First of all, because at this time of year the sun gives you a break, and its rays and warmth expand the veins. Therefore, decide on the treatment when the temperatures drop slightly.

Treatments at home

There is also a wide range of preparations for use at home – ointments, tablets and masks. Their producers advertise them as an excellent remedy for the problem of spiders. But do not fool yourself – they can inhibit the formation of new lesions, but do not close the blood vessels already affected by the problem. However, it is worth using them supportively.

Vitamin K

The basic role that vitamin K plays in the human body is to ensure proper blood clotting. It helps prevent bleeding from blood vessels by participating in the production of prothrombin – a blood coagulation factor produced in the liver.

Vitamin K is available as a dietary supplement in tablets or capsules or as an ointment. It is also worth taking care of a proper diet that will ensure the right supply of this chemical.




It can be a solution – it improves blood circulation in veins and arteries. But massage in itself is not a form of treatment and closing of blood vessels. However, just like a healthy diet, an active lifestyle, avoiding stimulants and tight footwear – it can help prevent the appearance of spider veins.

Not only for aesthetic, but also for health reasons, it’s worth deciding to close spiders before they turn into a more serious problem. Aesthetic medicine offers you the necessary treatments for this – choose the one that best suits your needs.

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