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There are many women who are not completely satisfied with the appearance of their figure – they feel burdened with excess kilos, and their skin is flabby and lacking in firmness. But surgical intervention is not always necessary. One of the best non-invasive methods to solve the above-mentioned problems are massages using Chinese cupping. This therapy, based on millennia of experience and folk knowledge of the Far East, brings fantastic results and is not only painless, but also relaxing.

Chinese cupping massage is a method widely used in cosmetology and medicine and is based on the use of a special vacuum cupping. This method is commonly associated with healing effects on the human body, but it has many more applications. Check why you should use it regularly.

What is the Chinese cupping massage?

This is a completely non-invasive form of therapy, for which no tools other than cups and special oils are used.

The treatment begins by applying a selected oil to the selected part of the skin, which has a relaxing and caring effect, and at the same time provides the cups with the right glide, making them easier to slide over the skin. The first stage of the treatment may be anti-cellulite massage – very intense, strongly stimulating circulation in the skin. In this way, the skin is prepared for a proper massage.

After initial preparations, the beautician proceeds to perform the proper massage. To this end, it puts the cup to the skin and presses it, thereby creating a vacuum that causes the skin to suck together with the subcutaneous fat layer. Then the cups are moved in circular and longitudinal movements towards the lymph nodes. The skin becomes hyperemic, its functioning improves.


The procedure takes about 30-60 minutes, depending on which part of the body is treated. This way you can massage your stomach, back, buttocks, thighs or shoulders. In each case, the treatment provides not only relaxation of the massaged part of the body, but also measurable benefits for the functioning of the body as well as improvement of the appearance of the skin and reduction of the fat layer.

Where does the method come from and why is it popular?

This method originates in Chinese folk medicine and is known and practiced for about three thousand years. The Chinese believe that the basis of human health and well-being is the proper flow of energy in the body. And cupping massage is to restore this flow.

The great effects it provides are responsible for the popularity of Chinese cupping massage. It is worth pointing out that it is at the forefront of non-invasive methods that allow you to remove cellulite and excess kilos and firm the skin. It is effective, safe and pleasant.

There is no other method that would allow you to shape your figure and achieve a state of deep relaxation. Its great advantage is the fact that it does not require any injections or surgical interventions – it is completely painless, and even pleasant. In addition, the effects are visible in a very short time.

Application in medicine and cosmetology


Chinese cupping massage is used both in cosmetology and medicine. It reduces muscle tension, and thus helps to eliminate back pain and other pains, including migraines and neuralgia. It also removes lung-related ailments, joint and circulatory problems. So it has a large number of applications and it is worth considering it when you are suffering from pains and excessive muscle tension.

In cosmetology, however, it is used to reduce body fat, shape the body, remove cellulite and reduce the visibility of stretch marks. The skin becomes better supplied with blood, gains firmness and elasticity. The treatment also significantly improves the process of cleansing the body of toxins, and thus can improve its overall functioning. It is worth using this method after a slimming treatment or during its duration, after pregnancy, during prolonged stress, and when unnecessary kilograms and lack of skin firmness cause mental discomfort and low self-esteem.

When can you expect effects and how long do they last?

To notice a marked improvement in skin condition and be able to enjoy the loss of unnecessary kilograms, it is recommended to perform a series of treatments, that is, from six to ten massages at intervals of two – three days.

The first effects of the therapy can be observed after the first few treatments – the skin becomes smoother and firmer, much better supplied with blood. You can also feel a positive change in your well-being. At the end of the treatment, you can clearly see weight loss and slimmer figure.



Immediately after the procedure, severe skin hyperemia is noticeable. However, redness disappears within a few hours. There is also the possibility of light bruising as a result of strong suction of skin folds – these are also normal symptoms. Small bruises and petechia disappear after a few days.


It should be remembered that massages with the use of Chinese cupping, although they are very relaxing and resemble classic relaxation massages, are a therapeutic method with a powerful and comprehensive effect on the functioning of the whole body. Therefore, before the client is prepared for the procedure, he must be qualified for it by completing a questionnaire that will exclude any contraindications to its implementation.

Like any other form of therapy, even so non-invasive and safe to use, massages with the use of Chinese cups should not be performed on people struggling with certain diseases and illnesses. These include phlebitis, varicose veins, skin prone to blood vessels, hemophilia, hypertension, congenital heart condition and disease, wounds, skin infections, bruises, swelling and petechiae, fever of unknown origin, cancer, infectious diseases, epilepsy. Contraindications for performing the procedures also include the period of pregnancy and menstruation, as well as old age.

This extremely effective method enjoys growing popularity among clients of beauty salons. And this is not surprising, because it avoids surgical intervention, and gives very satisfactory and comprehensive results. We invite you to our massages.

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